Our flagship brand, Jean & Rosz brings to the market, gorgeous, eye-popping pieces that are not only elegant but of best value as well. The collections satisfy the women who are looking for fashion elements that are simple yet would scream CHIC!  The thrust of the brand is to be the country’s finest ACCESSORY TREND SPOTTERS making one of a kind pieces highly available to our market. 

Jean & Rosz is a brand dedicated to provide YOU the best of the best.
Basic, with a modern twist.  Strikingly noticeable, but never over the top!

JEAN & ROSZ  luxe

The  Jean & Rosz LUXE collection prides itself in providing limited edition handcrafted pieces that exude subtle timeless character. These exquisite pieces inspired by vintage and modern elegance seek to evoke the charm of classic and present day trends. 

 Carrying the mark of a Jean & Rosz brand, Jean & Rosz luxe still holds true to the finest sense of style practicality.


Embellish Manila is Jean & Rosz Accessories' baby sister.
If you love Jean & Rosz Accessories, for sure you'll love Embellish Manila too.

The brand Embellish Manila was born to provide you with everyday accessories from Monday to Sunday that will not keep you thinking whether to buy the piece or not. Because Embellish Manila items will definitely not hurt your pockets!

Managed by Jean & Rosz Inc., we want to provide you
the affordable way to fashionable everyday!
Embellish Manila now!

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