Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm Shoe In Love Bazaar

Calling all shoeaholics! This is the perfect bazaar for you :) 

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Uma 1495.00
Sale Price: 895.00

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Sale Price: 795.00

Winter 845.00
Sale Price: 500.00

Sasha 1390.00
Sale Price: 795.00

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lost Heaven Shanghai

I was in Shanghai last March with K, our original plan was to have lunch at Mr. & Mrs. Bund but our schedule did not permit it, then we remembered our friend recommending Lost Heaven so we went there instead. And i'm glad we did! We both loved the place and  the food! My picture could not do justice on how gorgeous the interiors were (it was too dark for my cam!) so i grabbed photos from their website. 

They specializes in Yunnan Folk Cuisine, we've never tried that so we were both excited! Too bad we could not order a lot since it's just the two of us, but i'm sure we'll be back ;)

 Burmese Tea Leaves Salad
our favorite! this was so refreshing and flavorful at the same time. we've never tasted anything like it!
 Lamb Samosas
crunchy with the right amount of filling
 Da Li Chicken
our 2nd favorite! Crispy yet tender chicken slices w/ scallion topping. 
 Shangri la Cocktail

 Vegetarian Noodle
this may look simple but it was really tasty!

Another memorable meal for us. I was really looking forward to Mr. & Mrs. Bund (i'm sure we'll be there soon!) but i'm also glad we got to try Lost Heaven instead.

Lost Heaven

38 Gaoyou Road  
Xuhui, Shanghai, China, 200031

17 Yan’an Dong Road
Shanghai, China, 200002


**some photos grabbed from lost heaven website

Friday, June 1, 2012

Smart Parenting May 2012

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