Friday, February 24, 2012

Colored Jeans

I seldom wear jeans but since mid last year i am loving the colored jeans trend. And i'm really glad it's still big this coming summer and there are already a lot of colors coming out because i can't find most of the colors i want last year! I only have a red and a green one. Here's how i wore them:

H&M striped top | Mango red jeans | Hermes belt | Jean & Rosz wedges | Jean & Rosz Accessories
Mango leopard cardigan | Mango red jeans | Nude pumps from hong kong | H & M belt | Jean & Rosz Accessories
Sheer top from bazaar | Mango green jeans | Glitter flats | Jean & Rosz necklace
Metersbonwe cardigan | Striped shirt from Forever 21 | Black sequined top from SM | Mango green jeans | YSL Muse two bag |Nude flats from hong kong

I was also able to get the following on a recent trip to Hong Kong:
Photobucket Photobucket
orange and pink skinnies from H&M
So excited to wear them! I've been looking for nice orange skinnies since last year!

But i'm still on the look out for a cobalt blue one 

 and some neon pastels. Love the color! Hope i could find some soon! :)

I'm appreciating jeans more this year ;)


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