Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding with a Zing : Peach, Pink, Salmon and Honeysuckle

A slew of wedding extravaganzas are about to come my way in the next few months.  Since ZING peach, pink, salmon and honeysuckle colors are in, I've decided to come to the weddings in Zing.  I already have a dress and is now ready to decide on the accessories to complete my ensemble.  I have realized that I don't have a lot purses to go with cocktail and formal dresses, so I was inspired to combine my clutch moodboard with these ZING Jean & Rosz accessories.


 The Sondra Roberts clutch is barely USD100. But I still want the Alexander McQueen skull clutch.  I still have enough time to dream before my friend's wedding.

Nevertheless, the Jean & Rosz accessories featured are as follows:

1.   Pink Mudra Earrings Php 280
2.  Vintage Peach Enamel Resin Php250
3.  Dusty Pink Square Earrings Php250
4.  Pox Coral Earrings Php 220
5.  Seoul KPOP Bracelet Php300
6.  Pearl coral floral necklace Php400

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I couldn't get enough. Has it been 2 years since my wedding? I couldn't help but feel excited every time i hear the word WEDDING, hmmm.. before I end my post for today, let me inspire you with these
peach, pink, salmon and honeysuckle wedding themes.

Peach and Vintage Chrome


Pink Glam and Silver


Salmon and Rustic Burgundy


Honeysuckle and Sunset Hues


How do you want yours?


*wedding photos from google


  1. Nice post Rozs! Made me reminisce my own wedding too :)

  2. I love your wedding!!!!!!!!! I think it was perfect!