Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Real People Baubles: Stylist, Leona

Admit it! Every once in a while, we like to stalk other people's stuff to see what they've got.  Okay, stalk is such a creepy word.  Maybe, peek?  Jeanandrosz is proud to present to you our latest segment: Real People Baubles where we feature REAL People and their baubles. First off, is our favorite, stylist Leona Panutat.

Leona works as a freelance stylist, shooting covers for SMILE Magazine, styling models and real girls for Cosmopolitan Magazine, Candy and Total Girl, She sometimes does sittings editor work for Preview. You might also have seen her in TV shows, The Sweet Life and Full Time Mom talking about styling tips and trends. She is also the Shopping editor for, where Jean & Rosz was featured multiple times. She must really LURVE FASHION.


"The reason I love fashion is because it's a way for us to express ourselves. One piece of clothing can be worn by several people in a multitude of ways. There is no one "right" style"- Leona


Being a fashion busy bee, we asked what her typical day is like:

"Now that I'm pregnant, I have a more relaxed schedule. I no longer work 5 days a week. I wake up at around 7:30 or 8, right about the time my husband leaves for work, I make him coffee then I eat breakfast. I check my mail, browse a couple of sites and get ready for the day ahead. You can sometimes catch me in the mall, scouring stores and boutiques for products that I can feature on Shopcrazy, I also try to squeeze in errands while I'm out. When I'm not looking for products, I'm pulling out.. preparing for a shoot that I have during the week. I get home at around 2. I rest up a bit, try to do some writing for Shopcrazy or my personal blog Spend a couple of hours more researching and reading other blogs about fashion, interiors, style and parenting (haha). At around 6, i get started on dinner. My husband and I then catch up on out favorite shows until it's time for bed. Very domesticated! haha! :)"

Of course, we had to ask her about accessories too. Must have pieces?

"My wedding ring, men's watch, a couple of beaded and leather bands that I wear everyday, statement necklace and rings. My absolute favorite turquoise necklace is from Bangkok (check out the necklace from her I Love RF campaign above). I'm obsessed with anything turquoise, it's my birth stone :) "

Closet Raid!

On completing the ensemble?

Not so much a fan of bags?  What's in your bag?


Thank You Leona!  We sure did learn a lot from you.  Till our next closet raid!

-Jean & Rosz

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