Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Hudson Ensemble

They say that this year's Oscar's Fashion was disappointing.  But despite raves from Cate Blanchett's stunning gown, i couldn't help but give praise to Jennifer Hudson.

After losing 80 pounds, Jennifer walked the red carpet in this tangerine Versace dress.  What a smart choice of color!  This color is a definite hottie theis season.  It also gives perfect contrast to her skin tone.  The cake topper was the boobs!



Of course I couldn't help but notice the accessories.


the metallic embellished accessories have their own character. I am sure they cost a fortune too. I am personally diggin the top most bracelet with a semi brooch clasp.

Jennifer's total ensemble was absolutely perfect. Not to mention, the purple shoes beneath the dress. unfortunately, I couldn't find a pic to share with you.


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