Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Godiva Cafe--The first in the world

During my recent trip to Shanghai with Rosz we were able to visit Godiva cafe. We were thinking of a place to hang out after dinner and a cup of hot chocolate sounds like a great idea since it was freezing cold!
the facade
chocolate truffles to go
gift boxes of chocolates
Aside from their chocolate truffles and chocolate bars, they also offer cakes and specialty drinks at the cafe on the 2nd floor. 
truffles and cakes at the cafe
the cafe
What we ordered:
Chocolate Sin
Super yummy! Imagine moist chocolate cake with rich ganache coating and topped with rich and velvety chocolate mousse. 
Hot Chocolate
rich and creamy, perfect with the cold weather
Hot cafe mocha
the right balance of chocolate and coffee
We were also able to meet Mr. L. Franco, the cafe godiva consultant, who's also from the Philippines! He heard us talking in filipino while looking at the cake counter and introduced himself. He told us that he was the one who formulated the cakes and drinks at the cafe. He was so proud of their different chocolate cocktails too. Can't wait to try them on my next visit! Or maybe i don't need to go to Shanghai anymore because we kept on telling him to open the 2nd godiva cafe here in manila! Who knows? hihi

Godiva Cafe
Shanghai, China


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