Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Sale and My Finds

When I found out about the book sale of "A Different Bookstore", I knew I had to find time for it.  Despite my short attention span (a.k.a informal ADHD), I could stay and live in a bookstore.  Fine, I am not really a bookworm, the texty-imaginary kind of reader, but i find a great deal of giddiness when i get to smell them, feel their pages and get to be in a different world with the pictures.  Yes, I am the visual type.  I am very choosy with books, but I make exceptions when they are ON SALE!  A HUGE SALE, at that.

So I spent my monday morning coffee fix in "A Different Bookstore" while scouring through piles of happiness.


Books were practically free as some of them were priced for as low as Php10!!!!!  I couldn't contain my excitement but I needed to stop myself.  We are moving houses soon and the last thing I want is to burden myself with the weight of the books.  So, I only set aside a budget of Php500.00

It was tough but here's what I got:


My justification....  Well, I have decided to live a balanced life this year so I chose 3 books which represent my different interests (how serious!  haha)

On Travel:  The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations To Enrich Your Life.

I have tons of travel books but what makes this book different is it does not only highlight and feature scenic destinations but it provides options for various travel objectives such as having artsy getaways, volunteer vacations, learning retreats and wellness escapes.  I randomly opened a page and it pointed me to a learning retreat on being a Geisha in Japan (not that I want to) but how unique right?
I am on travel bug this year!!!!!  Can't wait to plan for our wellness escape in our next travel.

On Business:  New Directions on Jewellery

Accessory and Jewelry books cost a fortune because it primarily talks about construction techniques.  But for Php199... I will finally get to know MARC MONZO's techniques and avant garde inspirations of AN ALLEWEIRELDT.  (Will talk about them more soon).

On Music: The Rolling Stones in the Beginning

This was the BEST BUY for me!  I have a thing for rockstars and I love being a chismosa with their lives ( I stalk BONO's day to day whereabouts randomly, ya, I am weird like that) I have been a fan of the Rolling Stones but this book mainly focused on their lives in between 1965-1966.  The humble beginnings and I am just too excited.

What a way to start the week!  Visit A Different Bookstore now, i visited the Fort Bonifacio Serendra Branch.  I'd be back tomorrow for a second round with a tighter budget of only Php300!


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