Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Emerging Accessory Designer: Kathy Flesch

What makes an accessory a worthy piece not only lays in the craftsmanship but also, the inspiration and story behind it.  Luckily, we found someone who has all these in her pieces.  Kathy Flesch.


"Every piece from Katch by Kathy Flesch shares three major qualities: the use of the world’s most precious metals, intricate handmade detailing and extreme style. Many pieces from the collection feature Flesh’s signature filigree patterning, a centuries-old design type identified by wires twisted into an intricate, lacy motif. Like a delicate wisp of luxury, this filigree pattern creates a microcosm of lines and flourishes of gold that weave through a gilded external shell."

Raised in Colombia, studied in Texas and now living in Miami, Kathy's cultural experiences and passion for beautiful things paved way to her accessory collections.

Here are our picks:


Playing in the contemporary accessory market, Katch has a unique take on various traditional accessory materials.  Here's a sample of her turquoise execution.


We love it! A burst of fresh ideas in the accessory category, catch KATCH by Kathy Flesch in these US Stores

To know more about the KATCH collections, visit HERE

You may also buy online HERE.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Sale and My Finds

When I found out about the book sale of "A Different Bookstore", I knew I had to find time for it.  Despite my short attention span (a.k.a informal ADHD), I could stay and live in a bookstore.  Fine, I am not really a bookworm, the texty-imaginary kind of reader, but i find a great deal of giddiness when i get to smell them, feel their pages and get to be in a different world with the pictures.  Yes, I am the visual type.  I am very choosy with books, but I make exceptions when they are ON SALE!  A HUGE SALE, at that.

So I spent my monday morning coffee fix in "A Different Bookstore" while scouring through piles of happiness.


Books were practically free as some of them were priced for as low as Php10!!!!!  I couldn't contain my excitement but I needed to stop myself.  We are moving houses soon and the last thing I want is to burden myself with the weight of the books.  So, I only set aside a budget of Php500.00

It was tough but here's what I got:


My justification....  Well, I have decided to live a balanced life this year so I chose 3 books which represent my different interests (how serious!  haha)

On Travel:  The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations To Enrich Your Life.

I have tons of travel books but what makes this book different is it does not only highlight and feature scenic destinations but it provides options for various travel objectives such as having artsy getaways, volunteer vacations, learning retreats and wellness escapes.  I randomly opened a page and it pointed me to a learning retreat on being a Geisha in Japan (not that I want to) but how unique right?
I am on travel bug this year!!!!!  Can't wait to plan for our wellness escape in our next travel.

On Business:  New Directions on Jewellery

Accessory and Jewelry books cost a fortune because it primarily talks about construction techniques.  But for Php199... I will finally get to know MARC MONZO's techniques and avant garde inspirations of AN ALLEWEIRELDT.  (Will talk about them more soon).

On Music: The Rolling Stones in the Beginning

This was the BEST BUY for me!  I have a thing for rockstars and I love being a chismosa with their lives ( I stalk BONO's day to day whereabouts randomly, ya, I am weird like that) I have been a fan of the Rolling Stones but this book mainly focused on their lives in between 1965-1966.  The humble beginnings and I am just too excited.

What a way to start the week!  Visit A Different Bookstore now, i visited the Fort Bonifacio Serendra Branch.  I'd be back tomorrow for a second round with a tighter budget of only Php300!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summer Must-Have: Floral Shorts


K got me this during his recent trip to HK. I told him to get me some shorts for summer. And don't you think it screams SUMMER? I super love the color combination too! See how i wore it here. I'm also thinking of wearing it with a plain tank top for lazy days or with a striped top for the print on print look. 

Thanks K! you really know my style :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goodbye Cleopatra

Awww. Purple-eyed 1950's fashion and glamour icon Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at 79 due to heart failure today March 23, 2011


My Elizabeth Taylor Memories:

1. When i was about 8, I was able to watch her in Cleopatra and I told myself, wow. this is the most beautiful person i've seen in my life.

2. We named one of our dogs, Elizabeth Taylor, yes, full name.

3. My sister would always tell me that when she grows up, she'd definitely wear purple contact lenses. (She did, at 14)

4. When my sister and I would play "hollywood celebrities" as kids, she would "tiss" my hair the way Elizabeth Taylor does it.

5. I was always fascinated with her headpieces. (Thinking about it now, Elizabeth Taylor might have influenced me to be in the accessory business).

To her last breath, she has not lost her candor.  Beauty indeed equates to Elizabeth Taylor. 

I never realized, I would be affected this way but I am.

Rest in peace, you may now be with "THE PRINCESS" and "THE PRINCE".

MJ Diana Elizabeth

I am ending the post with memorable Elizabeth Taylor Statements:

"My Mother says I didn't open my eyes for eight days when I was born but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked."

"I'm a survivor. I'm a living example of what people can go through and survive"

Check out her last tweets HERE.  

Elizabeth Dame Taylor, you are a legend :)

Much Love,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Real People Baubles: Fashion Blogger, Patricia

In order to keep up with youth, I regularly follow Patricia Prieto's Paradigma Blog.  Somehow every time I read her posts, I get a glimpse of the real local trend in the Philippines that appeal to the teens and early twenties.  I was glad she agreed to having us feature her baubles.  Clearly, Patricia is slowly becoming an online icon. Her EDGY CASUAL style does not go overboard... and her play on accessories? Fantastic!


Patricia is currently a full time fashion design and marketing student at SOFA (School of Fashion and the Arts), a fashion blogger and model. Living in pretty much, a fashion world, we asked her why fashion is so important.

"I believe fashion is important because it's a form of self-expression. I express myself in form of the arts like drawing, painting, dancing and fashion. The only thing is, fashion is pretty much connected to everyday living, so it's something I go on with like it or not. I love fashion it's truly something I won't ever get tired of."


Her typical day?

"A typical day for me is going to school, taking blog photos and just driving from place to place. It sounds boring but if you study in SoFA and are surrounded by the people there school isn't an ordinary school, it's fun!! It's like being in one big family, which I love the most."

Patricia and friends on a typical day

A sneak peek at her baubles:


Accessory staples:

"Rosary necklaces, connector rings and headbands are my staples.  You can never go wrong with them, trust me. I always get accessories from Forever 21, H&M, +Ruckus, Extreme Finds and those stalls along streets whenever I travel. I always find the most interesting accessories there."

I am so diggin' the fringe necklace and we love your sunnies too!


What's in her bag?

I love how she has OFF spray as a must-have to keep her legs safe when wearing shorts and skirts.  She has countless lippies too!  2 sticks of Burt's Bees Lip Balm, gloss, NARS, MAC Limited Edition. A cute printed coin purse and LV wallet. All in her mailman's bag!

Favorite vintage scored from her mom:

It is with these burst of colors and creative play of mix and match that makes Patricia's EDGY CASUAL style a continuous hit.

Thanks Patricia for another inspiring day for our readers.

To follow Patricia's adventures... click HERE


Monday, March 21, 2011

Marcia Adams' Tuscany

A few saturdays ago i was in tagaytay to visit the tuscan inspired restaurant, Marcia Adams,  which serves mediterranean food. Upon reaching the place you'll be greeted with wonderful surroundings plus a very lush and beautiful garden. 


walkway going to the restaurant



at the sunset lounge

We all loved the place especially the sunset lounge area. Good thing we were able to reserve a spot there. They have a cover charge of 700php per person which is consumable. Most of their main courses are in that range and includes an appetizer, dessert and a non-alcoholic beverage.
complimentary bread and lemon lime bitter drink
Shrimp appetizer
for me this is the best dish of the day
Grilled aromatic pork w/ couscous and pineapple chutney
we all loved this! very flavorful and tender 
Lamb Kebab w/ couscous
the kebab is flavorful but a little overcooked
Grilled porkchops w/ herb rice
very dry and tough

All the desserts we've ordered are just ok nothing stood out.
Banana split w/ nutella ice cream
Lime panna cotta
Grilled orange w/ vanilla ice cream

After lunch we walked around the place and Neil Adams , the husband of Marcia, toured us around. He told us that Marcia decorated the place and that she is the creative one, she also cooks the food. I love the personal attention they give each guest, they'll make sure you enjoy your stay there. 

Neil w/ all his fascinating stories about the place
century old bricks from Bacolod that were used in one of the pathway
with my childhood friends 
Overall, i think everyone will fall in love with the place. A perfect place to relax and have a long lunch w/ friends or family. The service is superb but don't expect too much with the food.

Marcia Adams
call to reserve and ask for directions


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Real People Baubles: Young Entrepreneur, Nikki

Ever heard of the dark comedy, tongue-in-cheek fashion film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?  This cute sounding movie is also what Nicole Go Cedenio's cafe is called.  Located at the Stronghand firing range in E. Rodriguez Manila, the name is just fitting.  When you hear it, you know right away that a creative mind is behind it, only at 25 years old.

(photo by Bliss Mabini) 
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Café

B/L La Defense Bldg. 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. QC (near Cubao)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Coffee Shop primarily caters to the clients of Stronghand Shooting Range.  Without the frills, it is all about the coffee.   Steering clear of that typical Americanized coffee shop vibe and taking a more simplistic and elegant approach with the place.  Unlike other brands, Nikki says that KKBB does not merely sell the “experience” nor merchandise cups but what’s in it.  The quality of the coffee that is robust and meaty.  The espresso that goes down smooth, and the lattes, sweet and velvety.


Amidst the success of the cafe since its launching, young busybee Nikki never fails to be fashionably chic.  Let's get to know how she managed transitioning from being a student to a very young business woman. Style-wise.

"When I started the business,   I used to man the counter myself in order to really understand the flow, make firsthand observations and receive feedback from customers.  Being at the front of the house, I had to look slightly more decent, hence I started coming in to work with a bit of make-up on and revamped my post-student closet."

On choosing work outfits:

" I always make sure to come in looking presentable because you never know when you’ll be facing a customer.  Since black seems to be some kind of unspoken rule when it comes to uniform in the F&B industry, I had to find a way to wearing all black without looking like some crewmember backstage or as though I’m heading out to a gala. "


A major source of fashion inspiration comes from her travels.  Initially growing up in the  US, having been able to study in Shanghai and living for quite sometime now in the Philippines, she slowly developed a connection with Asian countries. Having been able to travel in Mongolia, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Laos and these heavy cultured countries, her style now can be summed up into Oriental Fusion. 


A peek at Nikki's Baubles:

Oriental Fusion Inspired Baubles:  Gazellions of stacked bangles fro India and Cambodia, hair chopsticks from Shanghai, Fringe Necklaces, other knick knacks from travels and of course... Jean & Rosz.  (Check out the gold bib fringe necklace)

Her favorite accessory: belts belts belts. 
"Gives your old, oversized, drabby blouse some style and shape, ready to be worn over a camisole."

Tips for Jean & Rosz readers:


Thanks Nikki for inspiring our readers.  Indeed, fashion and business are just inevitably together.   Truly, Nikki has her own unique take on fashion.  ORIENTAL FUSION, that is and we are loving it.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Singapore Tatler and Monica Bellucci

I was at my aunt's office when I saw the Singapore Tatler Magazine she brought home from her recent trip.  On the cover is Italian model/actress Monica Bellucci.  At the age of 46, boy she still has it.

Monica Belluci in Panther Ring and Bracelet

I would think that she is the typical, but most appealing italian female to date.  Her presence totally screams "HOT".  No wonder all the accessories she wears spell SAULTRY.


From simple silver accessories, glamorous gems, formal stones, colored pearls and animal inspired pieces, her sex appeal just goes beyond what she's wearing.   I love the crocodile necklace paired with the handprinted skirt.

With her body exposure in films and print (nude in Vanity Fair while pregnant), her role for Mary Magdalene in the Passion of the Christ was her jackpot.

I would think that she holds the title for ITALIAN SEX SYMBOL.  She is also the current face of Dior Cosmetics and was also part of their leather goods campaign in the past.


I am nowhere near 40,  but I just can't help but admire her "package"!

Nevertheless, you can get Monica Bellucci's panther ring at a very affordable price Php950 from Jean & Rosz Luxe Collection:


You might also want to get the double-head panther version!

I hope you have a SAULTRY Friday! Happy weekend!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding with a Zing : Peach, Pink, Salmon and Honeysuckle

A slew of wedding extravaganzas are about to come my way in the next few months.  Since ZING peach, pink, salmon and honeysuckle colors are in, I've decided to come to the weddings in Zing.  I already have a dress and is now ready to decide on the accessories to complete my ensemble.  I have realized that I don't have a lot purses to go with cocktail and formal dresses, so I was inspired to combine my clutch moodboard with these ZING Jean & Rosz accessories.


 The Sondra Roberts clutch is barely USD100. But I still want the Alexander McQueen skull clutch.  I still have enough time to dream before my friend's wedding.

Nevertheless, the Jean & Rosz accessories featured are as follows:

1.   Pink Mudra Earrings Php 280
2.  Vintage Peach Enamel Resin Php250
3.  Dusty Pink Square Earrings Php250
4.  Pox Coral Earrings Php 220
5.  Seoul KPOP Bracelet Php300
6.  Pearl coral floral necklace Php400

Get these fab pieces from Jean & Rosz. Like us on facebook too.

I couldn't get enough. Has it been 2 years since my wedding? I couldn't help but feel excited every time i hear the word WEDDING, hmmm.. before I end my post for today, let me inspire you with these
peach, pink, salmon and honeysuckle wedding themes.

Peach and Vintage Chrome


Pink Glam and Silver


Salmon and Rustic Burgundy


Honeysuckle and Sunset Hues


How do you want yours?


*wedding photos from google