Friday, February 25, 2011

Madison, the 5 year old Beauty Expert

It is never too early for make-up and accessories.  Madison, a five year old must've watched too much Michelle Phan. Haha.  See how she advertised her favorites in these 2 videos:

Her favorites:  the sigma brushes, seibu soap, mac hello kitty face powder, mac wonderwoman lipstick and her beloved cocktail ring!

I love how convincing she sounds when she says, "i really really love it".   "you've got to fry it" instead of "you've got to try it".

Madison's mom said she does not allow the girl to use make-up, just lip gloss sometimes.

Can't wait for Madison's next review on soft brushes. She actually makes me wanna buy a sigma brush right now.  "it's really soft and I really love it"- Madison.

Or on what beauty products a dog can eat. Haha. She's so adorable.

I have watched this several times since 2 days ago.  The cutest youtube tutorial to date.


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