Sunday, February 27, 2011

Franc Franc

Though I am not a very organized person (yes, being OC is not in my vocabulary), I am obsessed with little cutsies (little trinkets and accessories) that I don't really need.   Most often than not, these little accessories are meant to organize the chaos in our daily lives, as for me I only want them cause I find them cute. That's it.  And so every time I travel, I make sure to visit stores like IKEA, SMIGGLE, MUJI, and the like.  I get fascinated with how the merchandise are displayed. In most cases, I get lured and end up buying something from these stores.  though i don't really need them.

In our recent trip to Shanghai, I begged Jean for us to visit Franc Franc.  I saw the store in a blog I came across and discovered that japanese Yasumichi Morita, a designer from GLAMOROUS architecture and interior designs, completed the project. I have been a recent fan of their projects since I am literally building our small home.

And so we went, and boy the accessory land captured my heart again.


I am copying the frame etched mirror for our home ( but i still don't know where to put it). haha.


Jean was there to stop me from buying the sweet nothings but she allowed me to get this:


After all, she could benefit from this liquid soap bottle when we do our home office meetings.

Franc Franc
Xintiandi Square
Shanghai China


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