Friday, February 4, 2011

Eating our way in Seoul

Aside from beauty products shopping and skiing we also enjoyed eating in Seoul. What can i say? I love to eat (hehe you must know that by now!) especially while traveling. So here are a few of my favorites from our trip last december. 

Dduk Bokki
Rice cakes covered in thick spicy sauce. You can find this everywhere in Seoul. I loved the chewy texture of the rice cakes and the sauce has just the right level of spiciness. 

At the restaurant of the LG ski resort:
A popular korean dish in Seoul. It consists of wheat noodles covered in thick salty black soybean paste w/ vegetables and diced meat. 

Udon Noodle Soup
I loved that the noodles were springy and al dente. The soup was light but very flavorful. Such a comfort food especially with the -5 degrees weather outside.

Dark Chocolate and Green Tea Gelato
The dark chocolate was good but my favorite was the green tea. Not too sweet and you could still taste the bitterness of the tea.

At a random korean restaurant in Insadong:

Various appetizers. My favorite would be the kimchi, green vegetables and fish cakes.

Bibimbop after mixing
Another korean staple food. It tastes so good and the rice was not overcooked unlike some of the korean restaurants here in Manila.

Beef Bulgogi w/ soup
It was my first time to try it with soup. I usually order the dry version here in Manila. The soup version is also good. It's got vermicelli, carrots and mushrooms too. The broth was flavorful and it's like a full meal on it's own.

Book and Drink Cafe at Insadong:
Nice and cozy place to relax in between sight seeing and shopping.

You could even leave notes!

Waffles and Cappuccino
We noticed that koreans love waffles because it's at almost all their coffee shops. I loved it! It was crispy outside and soft and fluffy inside. I like it with nuts and honey. Perfect with my cappuccino!

At Lotte department store food court:

Breaded chicken rolls and sweet & spicy fried chicken
The chicken rolls reminds me of chicken cordon bleu but with tonkatsu sauce inside and sans the ham. I liked the sweet and spicy boneless fried chicken. Crispy but not oily, it would have been perfect with soju!

Shrimp Dumpling
We thought this was just the usual dumpling, but since we're in seoul of course there's kimchi inside! The skin is very thin and soft and filled with spicy kimchi w/ shrimps and minced meat. Really good! A nice twist to the usual dumplings.
Mrs. Peggy's Strawberry Cheesecake
A light and citrusy baked cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries. Soooo good!!! 

At a korean bbq place in Itaewon:
Various appetizers ; Korean beef
I don't know what's with korean beef but it tasted so different from the beef here in Manila. Their beef is to-die-for! Maybe it's with what they are feeding their cows? One of our best meal in Seoul.

Kimchi Jigae
Soup made with kimchi, pork and tofu. I think there's some hint of miso in the soup too. A  comfort dish during winter.

 At a korean bbq place in Myeong Dong area:
Oyster appetizer
I've never had this in Manila. I was reluctant with raw oysters at first but good thing i tried it because it was the highlight of my meal in this restaurant. First you get one pickled napa cabbage, fill with oyster and kimchi, roll then eat in one big bite. Yum!
Thick slices of pork belly grilled with garlic and kimchi

Place inside a lettuce with garlic and leeks.

At Lotteria:
European Cheese burger
Lotteria is their local fast food and you could them find all over Seoul. 
 Buns + beef patty + fried mozzarella cheese + veggies = love

French fries ; Fried mozzarella sticks

Bulgogi Burger and Grapefruit Soda
The bulgogi burger is also good but a little on the sweet side because of the sauce. But I loved the grapefruit soda. Sweet, bitter and bubbly all at the same time!

I can't wait to go back to Seoul! 5 days just wasn't enough!


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