Monday, February 28, 2011

Girls in Jean & Rosz. Fashion Tips

Every so often we get messages from people who are able to spot other people wearing Jean & Rosz accessories.  It warms our hearts to see other bloggers wear them too. I love how they include the pieces in their sartorial takes. Get fashion cues from:

Kate: Print on Print

Explore wearing print on print before summer. Print on print is not so bad if executed with taste.


batik jumpsuit, leopard print cardigan, sunburst necklace

Kate: Boho

Confidence is key in piling up accessories. Gone are the matchy matchy days.   The more the merrier.

Photobucketpiled up accessories

Kate has started a blog about a fashionable Australia-based housewife. Visit and follow her adventures.

Cremarin: Breezy Blouse Stylebreak from chictopia
Jean & Rosz sunburt on breezy top

Transform a boring top from simple to day chic in a snap with the right mix of accessories. Go to school and immediately attend a dinner date without having to change.


Cremarin loves to share her looks from chictopia and has also started a blog called

Follow these girls and get fresh new take on fashion.

We give credit to Nicole Richie for her Harlow necklace design.

The Sunburst Necklace worn by these girls is just Php480 from Jean & Rosz. 
Kate's leaf necklace is just Php250

Have a lovely Monday ladies!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Franc Franc

Though I am not a very organized person (yes, being OC is not in my vocabulary), I am obsessed with little cutsies (little trinkets and accessories) that I don't really need.   Most often than not, these little accessories are meant to organize the chaos in our daily lives, as for me I only want them cause I find them cute. That's it.  And so every time I travel, I make sure to visit stores like IKEA, SMIGGLE, MUJI, and the like.  I get fascinated with how the merchandise are displayed. In most cases, I get lured and end up buying something from these stores.  though i don't really need them.

In our recent trip to Shanghai, I begged Jean for us to visit Franc Franc.  I saw the store in a blog I came across and discovered that japanese Yasumichi Morita, a designer from GLAMOROUS architecture and interior designs, completed the project. I have been a recent fan of their projects since I am literally building our small home.

And so we went, and boy the accessory land captured my heart again.


I am copying the frame etched mirror for our home ( but i still don't know where to put it). haha.


Jean was there to stop me from buying the sweet nothings but she allowed me to get this:


After all, she could benefit from this liquid soap bottle when we do our home office meetings.

Franc Franc
Xintiandi Square
Shanghai China


Friday, February 25, 2011

Madison, the 5 year old Beauty Expert

It is never too early for make-up and accessories.  Madison, a five year old must've watched too much Michelle Phan. Haha.  See how she advertised her favorites in these 2 videos:

Her favorites:  the sigma brushes, seibu soap, mac hello kitty face powder, mac wonderwoman lipstick and her beloved cocktail ring!

I love how convincing she sounds when she says, "i really really love it".   "you've got to fry it" instead of "you've got to try it".

Madison's mom said she does not allow the girl to use make-up, just lip gloss sometimes.

Can't wait for Madison's next review on soft brushes. She actually makes me wanna buy a sigma brush right now.  "it's really soft and I really love it"- Madison.

Or on what beauty products a dog can eat. Haha. She's so adorable.

I have watched this several times since 2 days ago.  The cutest youtube tutorial to date.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

As Seen On Marie Claire's Editor

I was watching re-runs of the latest season of Project Runway.  For this episode, Nina Garcia the resident judge/editor from Elle Magazine was absent.  (Most of this season, both Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were always out as the home base of the show transferred from New York to L.A)

They get substitute judge every so often and I think Zoe Glassner, Senior Shopping Editor from Marie Claire Magazine in the US guested on the show a couple of times.  Happy to have spotted her in this necklace:




She was wearing the white version of this Jean & Rosz Necklace. No wonder our white version ran out of stock early on. Fret not, cause we still have it in turquoise, just perfect, because summer is just around the corner.


this Jean & Rosz piece sells for only Php350.00. What a bargain!  Funny how this exact piece was also seen on Philippines' Cosmopolitan Editor Happy Lopez  a few months back.

You might also want to explore a little. Why not a KPOP summer? Check out this coral and pearl necklace for only Php 400.00


Or a shabby chic summer with this Pearl and Floral Enamel only at Php450.00


All from Jean & Rosz. Check out where to buy HERE.

Start summer with the right set bauble. Enjoy!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heir Clothing, Jean & Rosz's new sister

Great Tuesday Everyone!  Check out our new retail partner, Heir Clothing.  Heir Clothing is a cute shop in Shoppesville Greenhills making affordable trendy clothes to fashionable manila.  With their recent store opening, Jean & Rosz is proud to make HEIR Clothing a part of the Jean & Rosz family.

Check out the shop:






Jean & Rosz shoes also available in HEIR

The owners Eunice and Evanthe, remind us of ourselves. 2 friends out to do biz in the fashion world. Only younger. HAHA

Visit other stores where you can buy Jean & Rosz pieces!

3rd floor Shoppesville Arcade
Greenhills, San Juan

P.S:  Jean & Rosz accessories will no longer be available in Shopbop Greenhills.   All loyal customers may now go to HEIR Clothing.  Both are in Shoppesville Greenhills.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bows and Ribbons

Check out really affordable pieces from Embellish Manila (sister of Jean & Rosz accessories)


Visit Embellish Manila in Robinson's Department Store Ermita to get these pieces. You can also get these pieces from Jean & Rosz online store.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Animal Inspired Accessories

As seen on Cosmopolitan magazine's february issue, animals is the in thing for accessories this season. 
 Cosmopolitan February 2011
from jean & rosz:
Snake bangle Php 520.00
Starfish bangle Php 450.00

2 of our bracelets were featured at the beastly bijoux article but there's more items to choose from:

Gold butterfly necklace Php250.00

Black beads w/ butterfly (also available in white) Php 300.00
Elephant head small Php 300.00

Double head giraffe Php 450.00
Bunny ear ring (also available in silver) Php750.00

Insect ring (also available in antique gold) Php 180.00

Why not update your accessories and go bold with animal inspired pieces! To buy featured items click here.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trend: Anatomical Prosthetics?

Happy Wednesday!  My WGSN (an expensive trend analysis subscription) benefactor, generously shared the latest global accessory trend report and guess what's in?  Anatomical Prosthetics?


Some may find this interesting, some think its avante garde, but I find this just too weird for me.  They say that this trend is slowly becoming popular in Japan.  And I am not surprised. Even the dear GAGA has gotten into it.

In the other day's Grammy 2011 awards, upon entering as en EGG, yes a sci-fi egg, which puzzled the many, i find it humorously hilarious that on top of this, LADY GAGA actually wore prosthetic mini horns and pointed shoulders. Check these out:





Imagine the amount of effort exerted to be able come up with these absurd looks.  We've seen the worst from her in this giant horn, so I am not shocked.


Even this prosthetic accessorized Barbie, got her inspiration from the GAGA.  How funny.


I find this post utterly weird.  But we want to be your trend spotters so I kind of felt obligated to give this news to you.

Nevertheless, here's a funny conversation i found from yahoo, while researching about this blog post :


Upon the post of this thread, 2 years ago, the Lady wasn't GAGA yet, but Cheyenne WAS already.  I personally wouldn't want a prosthetic eyeball as a ring. I am very happy with how i was made, no more extra body parts needed.  With my size, I know I have too much already.

Today is a funny day and i am laughing hard. LOL it is.

What do you think?


(photo credits: the trend hunter)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Laid Back Valentine's

Every year over the past 12 years, my husband (my bf then) and I celebrated valentine's in cute dinner places.  Last year, we went to Cocina de Tita Moning.  An artsy ancestral home/museum in Manila.


VDay 2010

This year, we decided to stay in, have some bubble and just watch 500 Days of Summer (of course it was my choice of movie).  Our laid back Valentine's was  the perfect night cap form the past stressful weeks.   My husband sends flowers just once a year and I don't know why he picked valentine's as the schedule where flowers are sold in exorbitant amount. (Despite this, i still get excited, receiving them haha)

VDay 2011

Valentine's was far from over.  We were surprised to find out that our cameo appearance in Johnoy Danao's music video came out yesterday too!  Johnoy used to be an indie artist (man, he's damn good) and is slowly penetrating the mainstream airwaves.  The first time I saw him perform was when he played in Route in Katipunan a few years ago. I told myself, this guy would sing in my wedding.   And so he did grace our guests with beautiful renditions of cool love songs from U2 (my favorite band of all time), DMB, John Legend and more.

His first single Dapithapon is now an underground hit.  Now, with his latest single "Ikaw at Ako", we are happy to be part of it.  Check out the video and find US. haha.

Wow, this song's really intense. Modern pinoy love song at its finest.  Every word in the song equates LURVE.  Perfect for the Lurve month.  This guy always leaves me in awe.

Let me end this post with Johnoy's rendition of Run from Snow Patrol. His version made me love the song even more. A snippet of his performance from Mo Twister's Podcast. Gotta love his voice.

Get Johnoy's album in selected record bars.  You won't believe it but you can order from his manager, and who knows, Johnoy, himself, might deliver it to you. Text +639289336047.  A serenade would be a great bonus.

It was indeed a smack down love day for me.  Hope yours was too!


Monday, February 14, 2011

My Memorable Date Places

In time for valentine's i've decided to compile some of my date restaurants with K. You might pick out a restaurant or two, i know it's a little too late to make reservations now, but cupid just might be on your side ;) 
32nd & 5th Bldg, 32nd cor, 5th st., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
I just have to say that if i have to play favorites, this will be it! I love the food, place and the service. I always recommend this place to my friends. We both ordered the signature degustation meal. A good way to sample a lot of things in the menu. 
 Beef carpaccio
Trio of salmon
 enjoyed this too, even the cooked salmon (which i usually veer away from) was cooked the way i like it.
Scallop and apple soup
i wasn't expecting to like this since i don't like fruits w/ savory meals but i loved it! the apples were a nice surprise.
Chicken spring roll with pumpkin puree
the only thing i did not enjoy
cute presentation
Seared duck breast w/ foie gras 
my favorite! i love this dish! the foie gras was crusty on the outside but smooth and melts in your mouth inside, the duck breast was cooked to a perfect medium.
Chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet
at this point i was so full but i still finished dessert (it's that good!) but i could do without the almond jelly on spoon

Purok 138,Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay City
The country's ultimate date place. I've been here for lunch a couple of times, but when K took me for dinner here on our anniversary, it looks so intimate and romantic at night. We were here with one thing in mind, the steak. 
Grilled Certified Prime Ribeye Steak 
one of the best steaks i've had!
Garlic Risoni
my favorite siding
Coriander Potato Gnocchi
just ok for me
Poached pear in port wine w/ vanilla ice cream
the best poached pear i've tried
Dark chocolate souffle w/ cardamom creme anglaise
also good but i still prefer le souffle's
I think we will have our post valentines date at Antonio's since i can't stop telling K that i want to try their Roast duck breast infused w/ truffle, goji berries and seared foie gras. I mean wouldn't you drive all the way to tagaytay to have a taste of that?

The Goose Station
W Tower, 1117 39th street, Bonifacio Global City
A modern and playful restaurant, even their name is a clever twist on the word degustation. This is memorable because this is where we celebrated my birthday this year.  The food looks great but tastewise just ok for me. Maybe i expected too much? Also, for a fine dining restaurant the waiter did not indulge some of my requests (which i don't want to get into anymore) But still a good restaurant to try even once because you'll be wowed by their presentation.
Foie gras cone
phyllo pastry shaped like a cone filled w/ foie gras topped w/ fruit jelly and macadamia nut. i liked this, a good start to my meal
The goose station snacks
my favorite was the savory macaroon on the left
Mushroom soup w/ truffle foam
K chose the soup and he said it was just ok
Beet garden salad
i had the salad, i love the presentation but sadly that's the only thing i liked about it
Unagi-Foie gras terrine, textures of apple, brioche
i enjoyed this one, everything on the plate just blended well together
Duck confit, horseradish potato puree, port jus, black currant & whole grain mustard
K enjoyed his main course (duck confit is his fave!) the skin was crispy and the meat juicy and very flavorful
Lamb ribs, pistachio, medley of mushrooms
the ribs were also fall-off-the bone soft but the taste was just ok, mediocre at best 
Blueberry cheesecake
my first time to try a deconstructed kind, and i enjoyed it. 
The goose station chocolate candy bar
my favorite of the whole meal. sooo good and chocolatey!
Mini cheeseburger
the farewell treat after dessert. sooo cute! i love the details!

5 Julieta circle, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City
A hidden gem in Quezon city. It is a small restaurant so reservation is recommended. When you step inside lemuria you will feel transported to a different place, like a house in the countryside. Great for an intimate date. The food and service was excellent too. 
Assorted Breads
i love the walnut bread! i could probably finish a whole loaf of it!
Chicken royale soup
an upgraded version of creamy macaroni soup

Top blade steak w/ red wine sauce and sauteed mushrooms, pommes dauphinoise
i really loved this dish everything complemented each other, K especially loved the pommes dauphinoise, it was thinly sliced and the top crust was crunchy
Lemuria glacee
homemade ice cream. apricot, malted milk and lavander flavor
I loved the lavander ice cream! A perfect ending to our meal.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Enjoy it with your loved ones!