Friday, January 28, 2011

true love that made me weep

Last night I watched the delayed telecast of American Idol for the 1st time.  I didn't know that Kara Dioguardi was already out.  I only watched it because I am a hardcore Steven Tyler Fan.  I know I would watch Idol everyday just to see him. haha. It's like I am getting to know more about my rockstar through his comments.  The latest episode I saw however made me shed bucket and bucket of tears. I know this news is late but I just wanna share.

Watch Chris Medina's Story

After the tragedy, Chris made this song for Juliana, her fiancee, while she was recovering in the hospital. This youtube video, was made on their supposed wedding day.  *tear*

Juliana Ramos' bridal shower turned as a fund raising activity for her medical expenses.  There are also various orgs where one can donate to help her.  Check HERE.

Chris is a member of a band in Milwaukee and we've pretty much known him over the past few days,  to find out more about Juliana's progress, check HERE.

Inspiring isn't it?


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