Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 10 things that would mark my 2010

Happy new year everyone!  Before writing this post, i had to stop for a few minutes to think of 10 items that would remind me of 2010. Here's what i came up with:

1.  Lipsticks!

-I was never a vain person but the start of 2010 triggered my passion for colorful lips.  I knew that it was the start of a new vice. But these lippies made me realize the importance of taking care of myself.  It sounds weird, but I feel happy every time I get a new shade.  Talk about simple joys.

2.  Docksides and Topsiders!

-I have decided to live this year 2 decades behind in terms of fashion and I am soo happy to have purchased both my Sebago Docksides and Sperry Topsiders.  They were my partners in this year's travel to the USA, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and even in Korea.  Not only did those give my feet comfort, my memories with them are also my fond travel memories with my husband who I am very much thankful for.

 In Cambodia

 with my husband during the Intramuros walking tour

3.  Longchamp Shopping Bag!

-I have been an avid user of this type of bag since ages ago.  But it was in 2010 that the endurance of my 8 year old Longchamp was put to a test.  It has been with me through all the travels, and all hospital  visits, emergencies and admissions that I have gone through.  It already has 4 corner holes from which I can peep through but I am not ready giving it up yet.  I have learned to give importance to things that may seem non-valuable but still could be dependable in times of need.

 that's Jean and myself.  mine has to retire already

4.  Angry Birds!

- I got an Ipod Touch as a gift from my husband and I must say I am still loving the applications.  But I am now bidding goodbye to Angry Birds as I was addicted to it.  This just reinforces the saying that all good things at a point come to an end. Time for something new. Time for productive activities.

5.  My Favorite Pair of True Religion Jeans!

-I am addicted to jeans and have invested so much for it and one of my favorites is the skinny True Religion jeans which I got as a gift from my sister.   Things change.  Bodies change. I constantly remind myself that change is good.  Too bad my weight gain change isn't a change for the better.  With a tear rolling down my cheek, i needed to temporarily keep it.  Skinny jeans must be for skinny girls only?  I hope not.  I am hoping to wear it back before the year ends.

this is not me. i do not want to horrify you with my butt shot. 
i have the exact same jeans but, how it looks when i wear it is far from this.

6.  Frozen Yogurt!

- Froyo was such a hit in the country, i had one almost every week thinking that having this than the regular ice cream is healthier. Now, out with the old and in with the new.  I have discovered a new ice cream substitute with healthier benefits.  Frozen Kefir!  Will talk about it more in the next posts.

7.  Friendster!

-I know, I know. Friendster is sooo 2000 and late but it was just this year that I have finally decided to ignore and consider my Friendster account as a dead site.  It is so ironic that despite its initial goal of bringing people together, it is now a disgrace for others to find out that you are still accessing your friendster account.  I remembered my guy friend telling me that he wants to make "porma" (court) to a girl but got really turned off upon finding out that she is still active with her friendster account.  I couldn't stop laughing.

they tried to salvage the image, but it was too late.

8.  Carnival Freedom and the Bahamas!

-I love traveling.  I put 80% of what i earn to go and see the world. (Haha, as if i've been to so much.  But this is such a challenge for those who are earning in 3rd world countries like me).  Being able to get a huge discount for our Caribbean cruise was definitely one of the highlights of the year.  Seeing the clear waters of Bahamas and walking the streets of Old San Juan Puerto Rico was a blast.  I have learned that traveling need not be expensive.  I am committed to achieving my travel goals for the year and expect to have lots of BUDGET traveling tips from  myself. Thank you God for this beautiful world.

 Atlantis Resort, Bahamas
Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship, January 2010

9.  Tory Burch Flats!

-I rarely wear heels and open-toe shoes. I am obsessed with flats and so with my Tory Burch revas that I wear it almost every day.  Now that the proliferation of the fake ones has become unbearable to take, it is time for it to take a rest. I think that my pair has reached its full depreciation potential anyway.  Goodbye Tory Burch, Hello Beverly Feldman!  I will love you the way I loved my TB Revas.

10.  Cote D'Or Chocolates!

-I'd rather not tell you about my New Year's ResolutionSSS so as not to jinx them.  But most of them are dependent on the results of my NUMBER 1 resolution, which is to go back to running. I don't run  to lose weight but rather help me have a clear mind.  I feel like I have a fit lifestyle every time i compute the miles I run in a week.  But I have gained so much weight in 2010 that I could not bring my speed and endurance back to how they were like before.  And soooo, I am temporarily saying goodbye to my beloved Cote D'Or.  See you 2012!

I am thankful for 2010, and is so looking forward to the excitement of 2011.  These things are so 2010 for me.  I can't wait for the new memories!

How was yours?


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