Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest Gossip Girl Episode

I watch Gossip Girl not because I like its story line but because I wanna find out more about the latest fashion trends.  I am personally a fan of Lilly Bass's style (please do not judge me by my age, I can still keep up with Taylor Swift songs).   I got interested in this episode more because of the neck pieces worn by almost all the female characters.

I love how almost all the necklaces were in RESIN material.  I personally think that transforming resin into chunky statement necklaces is brilliant.  Here's what Blair and Serena wore.

Resin Statement Necklace is definitely a must. And we've found pieces from our Jean & Rosz Luxe Collection  for you to achieve the look.

Check out this Clear and Black Chunky necklace just like Blair's

Check out this Resin Bib just like Serena's.

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  1. So pretty. I think what Serena wore was Lily's because it's more Lily's style - and she was dressing like her right? Does that show MY age?? I like Lily more than Serena and Blair =)

  2. haha we both love lily more. you are younger because you know cartoon musicals, i don't.!