Friday, January 7, 2011

Humor me Shops in Korea

I knew I belong in Korea the moment I arrived. As I was peeking through the bus windows, the funny rather "humorous" names of the shops gave me an inherent joy. Grammar Police is not allowed in their country!  I felt so secured in a place where my English and my grammatical errors are embraced. Form and content when combined is just fabulous but as a web content writer (I'd rather call myself a web content writer, than a blogger, cause it sounds more professional and I am into business writing anyway)  I give more importance to content.  Not that my post today requires deep thought. Haha.

Remember the days when Morning Glory Stationery Sets were such a hit?  They were made in Korea.  Those lovely stationeries ( Is it stationEry or staionAry? whatever)  were always accented with english messages composed  by Koreans.  Only God knows what the messages meant.  Check out the stuff at morning glory to remind you of your childhood.

5 days in Korea were not enough.  I felt like I could've taken more photos but the walk in the cold and our daily ride could not match up to the shutter speed of my camera.   

 Here's what we found:

 BUY THE WAY CONVENIENCE STORE-  Can you actually buy the way? What way?

TOM N TOMS COFFEE SHOP-  I began thinking, maybe the owners of this are TOM, the father and TOMS the son. Cute.

A TWOSOME PLACE, Cafe' with Cake and Sandwich - We were not welcome here because we were not a twosome, we were a threesome. As both Jean and my husband were with me on this trip.

COFFINE GURUNARU-  The korean owner must be a coffee guru of some sort. But we didn't go into this coffee shop.  Coffine sounds death to me.  Creepy. Or maybe they meant caffeine?  Or is this some sort of an indian term?  Readers, pls enlighten me.

LESMORE Store- With the caption Happy Lesmore, I don't know whether they want you to feel less or more, after purchasing an item from their store.

INNISFREE-  this BB cream can leave your skin feeling really soft as it comes with MASHMELLOW.  Marshmallow?  Mashmellow?  The point is it will make your skin soft.  If they call marshmallow, mashmellow?  what the heck.  No need to correct the packaging printer.  It's just gonna be additional cost to their goods. 

 SOLB Lingerie-  Filipino men will be "solb"ed  with the hotness of their products.  Solb ka talaga.

MRS. PEGGY PIE with caption SWEET AS PIE IN THE SKY-  I really love the Koreans.  I myself have not tasted the sky, nor have an incling as to what it tastes like.  But their sentimental personalities, just make you think of their pies in the sky as something heaven sent.

BEANS BINS Coffee Shop-  Cute name right?

ANGEL IN US COFFEE -  It is so much better than naming it DEVIL IN YOU.

BANDI AND LUNI-  Koreas' version of Barnes and Noble's Bookstore.

LOTTERIA fastfood-  Lotteria is Korea's McDonald's and Jollibee.  I personally love LOTTERIA.  Their caption:  LOTTERIA, IN JOY IT.  Maybe they mean... Enjoy it!  But to be honest every time I eat in Lotteria I find joy in my food.  That makes sense.  Here's what i found in their store:

"love is not selected. it is destined. love knows but leave recollection. However far they have gone they meant to return". (go figure and be inspired)  Maybe the guy who wrote this was the resident writer for morning glory stationeries. haha

Last but not the least,

CAFFE THEMSELVES- This, I was not able to take a photo of so I downloaded this from their website.  Caffe Themselves.  Maybe I can Caffe Myself.

Amusing right?  In fact some of the names of the stores are not wrong.  (I told you I'm no grammar police) They're just unusual and I find them charming. I hope I have a lot of Korean readers.  Korea and myself are a match made in heaven.  *wink*

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