Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Hits: Cluster Necklaces

WGSN, the leading online fashion trend analysis company released a review of what's hot in the accessory retail industry.  Considered as the fashion bible of the 21st century, it requires millions of pesos to subscribe to this creative intelligence resource with highly reputable writers.  But thanks to an unnamed friend who's currently a subscriber.  She generously sent me the most recent trend analysis for necklaces.  And yes.  Cluster necklace is a must for 2011.  Here's a list of the key trends this year for Cluster necklace:  hurry and take notes.

As seen from top designers:

Christian Dior
The unique take on pearl multistrands coupled with furry accents was cleverly executed with a stamp of Dior elegance.

 Dolce and Gabbana
I am proud to say that Jean & Rosz is up to date with the black, gold, rosette and antique cluster as seen in our last holiday collection.  I am personally loving the execution of this piece.

This cluster rhinestone bib is something that is usually worn during formals in the country, but I believe we should expect more of these bold, striking and blingy pieces in the next coming days.  Wait for our next collection. I can hardly contain my excitement for it.

Oscar de la Renta
This gem and bead cluster is definitely a hard find.  I am so impressed with the intricacy of the details and how it was executed.  Cluster neckpieces are instant attention grabbers, zeroing in the focus on the neck area but the subtle yet striking factor of the colors and play in clustering make this ironic piece a hit!

Chains, clustered pearls and geometric gems. Wow, I would think that this piece is too embellished to be worn in our country. But what the heck, you will never be too embellished for a PPQ piece probably worth my annual salary.  3 trendy elements executed in 1 piece. What more could you ask for?

Being an accessory trend spotter,  I am just in awe. Thank goodness for these pieces, I am now so inspired to search and find for the pieces which the same elements and I promise you, I will not stop till I find not only the affordable versions but as well as something that is "easily wearable, strikingly noticeable".  I wonder how the street wear manufacturers will execute theirs from all these charming neckpieces from fashion gods.  I will update you soon.

For now, I leave you with a current Jean & Rosz piece that may somehow have the elements of the Cluster Necklace trends mentioned.  Our version though is a little low key, making it wearable casually.

Jean & Rosz  Pearl Antique Rhinestone Cluster Necklace PHP650.00 ($ USD 14)

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