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2011 Hits: Your guide to BB Creams!

BB creams have been existent since 2000.  In 2008, this product has become the hottest Asian craze.  If you watch Korean dramas, you've probably noticed the celebrities in their blessed, divine flawless skin. And most of them have attributed this to their secret.  BB Cream.

"BB" stands for Blemish Balm. Initially Germans used this as an ointment application to those who have undergone laser surgery. Patients are treated with Blemish Balm Cream to soothe, protect and regenerate the skin after post op scars, redness and swelling. Koreans then saw this opportunity and developed over the counter formula making it highly accessible to the mass market.  The 1st Korean BB Cream was made available in 2005 and it has gone wild since then. Sounds unbelievable but this product has evolved from just being a cream which hides the blemishes and skin discoloration to more sophisticated features.  There are about hundreds of variants with benefits such as, improving skin's condition, tightening pores, evening out skin layers, skin refining agent, anti-aging wrinkle reduction and more.

And so, I've tried some of them and would like to share with you what I learned about using the product.

 What I love about BB Cream:

1.  The product promotes "no make up" look.  A small application instantly provides radiance to my dull skin. (Especially since I don't wear a lot of make-up)

2.  Provides coverage like that of a foundation, not as thick so it is lighter on the skin.

3.  It acts as a tinted moisturizer most of which also have SPF sun protection.

4.  It conceals pigmentation. In my case, my freckles!

5.  It is easy to apply.  Because of its light texture, i don't necessarily need to put "primer" on.

My BB Skin Review:

Etude Pearl BB Cream-  Very affordable and highly accessible to the the Filipino market.  BB Cream starts at Php400 In SM Megamall.
Plus:  Highlights natural glow of the skin.  I felt like there's light around my face after putting it on.
Minus:  A little bit thicker as compared to other BB creams.

Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB Cream-  Available in Face Shop Philippines from Php800- Php1200
Plus:  Perfect color for my skin tone, does not clog pores
Minus:  SPF power is lower than other BB creams.

Banila Co. Classic Beige- Available only in Korea for Php1400. 
PLUS: Very light on the skin, matte finish.
MINUS:  The classic beige is their darkest variant.  Most Filipinos have morena skin so it will be difficult to find a color match.

Banila Co. Sheer BB- Available only in Korea for Php1400.
PLUS:  Sheer, matte finish.  Slightly like face powder. Ultra light on the skin
Minus:  May not be able to provide enough daily skin moisture requirement.

Hanskin 3 solution BB cream- Available in Korea for Php1400
PLUS:  Perfect match for Filipino skin color as various shades are available.  Light on skin. With anti-aging properties.
MINUS:  I am not big on whitening products, so this is what i don't like about it.

Personally, I like Hanskin because i have ultra sensitive skin.  So far i have not experienced any break out.  I don't have oily skin so i find the moisture content just right for my daily need.  I don't feel too oily nor dry.  I had a chat with Beauty Editor Eunice Lucero and asked her about her top BB cream choices.  She gave me 3 brands:  Faceshop HD, Laneige and Dr. Jart.  All from Korea.

Since we all have different skin types, we have various needs that would best fit a specific brand of BB cream.  If you'd ask me here's my guide in looking for the perfect BB cream:

1. Research on the product benefits.  As mentioned there's a huge slew of other benefits that different brands offer so assess your skin need before finding the match.

2.  After looking at various brands, shortlist your top brand preferences and check out each variant.  For example Banila Co. has around 10 types of BB creams.  This could narrow down your choices.  Brand reputation comes to play here because there are hundreds of brands of BB creams.

3.  Upon checking out the benefits, make sure that you get the right shade and tint for your skin.  Know that Koreans have lighter and fairer skin than us Filipinos, so make sure that it does not look like you over applied on Chinchunsu. ( haha, research on chinchunsu- it is a facial cream highly associated with mass market use, no pun intended.)

4.  Don't just buy BB cream simply because it is cheaper than Lancome. What's important is its reaction to your skin.  In case you want to go to Faceshop or Etude, look for a tester, get a small amount of sample, test it on your neck, go around the mall and if there's no irritating reaction then it must be right for you.  I believe in investing for your skin but likewise, it doesn't mean that the affordable brands can't do its work.

5.  The success of BB cream in Korea and other Asian countries could be attributed to their weather.  They have longer cold season than we do. If you have extremely oily skin or if you are regularly working outdoors in the Philippines, there's a chance that despite its thin consistency, the product might melt on you.  To avoid this, face powder application might be necessary.  A BB Cream that is a match with your current face powder is a plus.

Some beauty bloggers are not in favor of BB creams as the claims are just too good to be true. But there's nothing wrong in trying.  To try is to believe.

You are probably more than ready now to conquer the beauty stores to find your BB cream!  We foresee higher usage of this product for 2011 as not only the population of Koreans are increasing in the country.  Korea is now more accessible to us with Cebupacific's low airfare rates and of course, the Korean drama craze is now back in local media.

We bid you goodbye with this ad on BB creams for men.  Haha, It just does not get enough.  You can make your man, flawless too.  For now, I am passing on this opportunity. Haha.

BB Cream will soar even more this 2011 in the Philippines.  I can see it as a must-have facial accessory for most women.

Want more Korean beauty products?  Our contest is still ongoing.  Join now!


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