Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moroccan Holiday Pieces

Christmas is just around the corner and in the next few days, we will be launching our various holiday collections in time for your outfits this season.

For our first collection, we are presenting the Moroccan Holiday Collection. Our inspiration comes from the beautiful and colorful country of Morocco.   We've both been wanting to visit this country and so our appreciation for it translated to these fabulous pieces! 12 pieces you can enjoy, not only for the 12 days of Christmas!

1.     Blue Cross Php550
2.     Floral Stone Necklace in Turquoise  Php350
3.     Peacock Colored Stone Php300
4.     Moroccan Colored Bracelet Php400
5.     Moroccan turquoise high end ring Php550
6.     Moroccan Enamel Stacked Ring Set Php800
7.     High end Saturn Cocktail Ring Php550
8.     Peacock Stone Pendant in Black Php300
9.     Trio Giant Stone Bracelet Php400
10.   Aqua Teardrop Dangling Earrings Php250
11.   Four Round Lightweight Earrings php150
12.   Feather Eye 2-way necklace Php300

Fashion from Php150-Php800 each!  Pieces for as low as $4 USD each!  What a steal!

Get all these from Jean & Rosz.  You may also want to check out our multiply site.  We ship worldwide! 

-Jean & Rosz

Friday, October 29, 2010

Share the Blessings!

Jean and myself have always talked about making a lot of money not only to fill our closets with our dream pieces, but to help others.  I clearly remembered a few years back, i have decided to sell a lot of my personal belongings to start a project called TSINELAS.ORG.PH.  The thrust of the project was to provide, at the minimum, a pair of slippers, to the kids of a barrio in Sorsogon, Bicol, just so they have footwear to get to school, more than 5 miles away from home.  I got this idea when i was assigned to Bicol as a sales manager.  Though i've talked a lot about this to friends, i never seem to have enough funds to formally file this as a registered foundation (it requires millions to do so).  And so, instead of focusing on making money to register the organization, we started with small projects to share a little of our blessings.  Like doing an annual Christmas packing for street kids and mostly, helping people get through the very tragic Ondoy typhoon.

We consider having Jean & Rosz as a blessing.  Not only have we been fortunate to have a small business, a blog to express our passion with a virtual community, a venue to help build the confidence of other women, but best of all, we were given this option to do what we truly truly love.  And with this comes an unexplainable feeling.  A reward from heaven.

And so, this year, we would like to start a new milestone, and we'd like you to be a part of it.


These 4-piece set comes in different colors. These will be sold in all Jean & Rosz authorized outlets, online and all Christmas bazaars where we will be in.

For information on where to buy, click HERE.  For bazaar schedules, click HERE.

For online orders however, we cannot guarantee the color combination sets. Be playful and let us surprise you with what you'll get!

You may also want to give this as a gift to friends!  
We will update you with our upcoming projects.  Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

Spread the love and share the blessings!

Happy friday!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Humbled Heart

I was just browsing through Female Network's Shopcrazy and have stumbled upon these:

It warmed my heart to feel the love from our customers.  Since we never advertise or give anything in exchange for good words about us, thank you for spreading the word.

And then i got a text from a friend.  She said that Fab Pinoy also featured us.  We might have missed this a few months ago, but we found it!  Thanks so much.  If you love the snake bangle, this piece has already evolved to more colors.

See full story HERE

Thank you for the love.  We promise to give back to you with more fashion lovin!


Golden Ears

It's the season for more gold!!!!!  Check out these Jean & Rosz earrings:

1.  trio diamond giant Php 220 (also available in silver)
2.  clover lightweight Php 200 (also available in silver and gunmetal)
3.  Gold Rose Outline Php250
4.  White and Gold Web Php220
5. Oriental Cutout Stud Php180

Our earring picks for the holidays are mostly in gold.  However,  we also wanna share our finds from Aldo accessories' latest earring collection, and see how we can help you cut down the price further while achieving the same look!


Gold Dangling with White Stone Php250  ($5.50 USD)


 Chandrika Teardrop with stones Php 300  ($ 6.60 USD)

Lightweight Dangling Chands Php150 ($ 3.33 USD)


Lightweight Dangling Fans Php 150 ($ 3.33 USD)

4 Circles Lightweight Php150  ( $ 3.33 USD)


 Aqua & Gold Teardrop Php250  ($ 5.55 USD)

See Cameron Diaz, pull off this kind of earrings as seen from stylebistro:

 Check out where to buy Jean & Rosz pieces HERE.  You may also wanna visit our online store.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Trivia and Studded Sandals

Celebrities spotted in studded flat sandals!  Thanks to stylebistro for lending us pics! And thanks to google for the trivia information.

Katy Perry in Giuseppi Zanotti Studded Sandals.  Zanotti started his career in Italy a few years ago, his recent works with studs on footwear made a mark in the fashion industry. His inspiration for his design was taken from Jimi Hendrix's guitar belt in the late 1960's.

Isla Fisher in Studded Flats.  Fisher is an australian actress who got her big break from the Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie back in 2009.  Recently, she did an entire movie while hiding her pregnancy.  Can you believe she actually married comedian Sacha Cohen
 in Paris France?

Sara Cox, or Coxy is an English DJ from BBC Radio1.  She started on TV but went into DJing last 1999 and drew attention cause of average listeners of 7.8M .

Check out Nikki Hilton's studded flatsduring the Coachella Festival.  Coachella is usually a 2 to 3 day event of arts and music. The event features many genres of music including alternative rock, hip hop, and electronic music as well as large sculptural art.  In the entire event 5 stages are used simultaneously with lots of multiple artists.  Coachella is actually a place in California.  A few years ago, camping has become an option for the duration of the festival.

George Clooney's girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is an italian model alleged with use of coccaine and prostitution.  George Clooney has always been very secretive about his relationships but dating Canalis in 2009 took a new turn on him.  Despite the controversies, the two are still going strong and despite the age gap, Canalis claims that Clooney maker feel like 18 again!

Maria Sharapova, a Russian, born 1987, was a tennis world champion at age 17.  Currently ranked as number 14 in the world of tennis, she captivated the world not only with her sport skills but also her beauty. FHM named her one of the most beautiful women worldwide and Forbes Magazine named her the highest earning female athlete last August after her contract signing with Nike. Currently, Sharapova is engaged to L.A lakers' basketball slovenian athlete Sasha Vujacic.

Fergie, as we all know is a member of Black Eyed Peas.  Her filipino co-member Apl de ap also known as Allan Pineda Lindo Jr was born of Filipino and African/American roots from Pampanga Angeles.  With a stroke of luck Apl was fortunately matched with an American sponsor via the dollar-a-day program.  He moved to USA when he was 11 and was fortunate enough to be classmates with will.i. am.   Despite being a member of this worldwide hit maker, Apl continues to come home to the Philippines and states that he has not forgotten his hour-long trips via the jeepney just to get to school back then.  He currently has a foundation as way of giving back.

What a way to learn some trivia. Fashion and General Information at its finest.   Nevertheless, If you like to achieve the look of these celebs in studded sandals, check out our version, available in 2 colors. 

Find out more about the shoes here.

Happy wednesday!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jean & Rosz Shoes

So a lot of people have been bugging us to get into other fashion categories.  And now, this is it.  Our first shoe collection perfect for the holiday season.  These trendy shoes are meant for you to stand out.  We have only few pieces for each pair! 

Tadaaaaaaaaaa....  presenting.... Jean & Rosz footwear!  10 fabulous pairs to capture your fancy!

Have and enjoy these trendy pairs.  Visit Jean & Rosz now to order! 

Happy Holidays!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jean & Rosz October Bazaar Schedule

Avoid the christmas rush and start your shopping early! Join us this October 23-24 and October 30-31 at Karl Edwards Bazaar at the NBC Tent. 10:00 am - 7:00 pm. Hope to see and meet all of you there :)

Chalk Magazine October 2010

Jean & Rosz is featured again at chalk magazine! Thanks Kate :) We just love to be at their magazine! Here are some of the pics. 
 the cover

#8 vita-like gold bangle, 400.00php

pearl coil bangle set, 350.00php

trapezoid w/ gold loop earrings, 280.00php

lightweight clover earrings, 200.00php

braided leather w/ studs, 250.00php

Grab a copy now! To purchase the items featured click here.