Saturday, May 29, 2010

More celebs spotted with the Sunburst!

We've spotted more celebs wearing the sunburst Necklace:

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You don't have to spend $159.00 USD to get the sunburst.  Because with Jean & Rosz, you can only get it for Php480.00


Friday, May 28, 2010

B's Dashboard Confessional Adventure

When i found out that Dashboard Confessional is coming to the Philippines, i instantly told my friends B and P that i wanted to watch.  P was still in New York City at that time.  We all decided that we would only be willing to pay 1,500 maxxx for this concert.  I used to listen to Dashboard Confessional in my long drive back in 2005.  When I went to the States to visit a friend in Boston, he and all his friends said that this band is a must watch.  But my travel schedule never permit me to watch them abroad.

And sooo, we all agreed that I will buy the tickets.  BUT the thing was i totally forgot till the last minute.  I only realized that the concert day was actually today.  haha.
Nevertheless, we went to Trinoma early today, and decided to look for tickets.  B and I without P, agreed that we would try to explore buying tickets from the scalpers.  We don't usually do this but we just wanted to take our chance.  While waiting for 7:45pm this is what we did:

 took a picture of bliss wearing Jean & Rosz accessories, PILE them up bracelets with matching 2 rings!

I, on the other hand decided to wear this distressed leather studded double wrap.  Php 250.00 only, of course from Jean & Rosz.

 Ordered yummy raspberry iced tea and made this pringles inspired charm as the left over froth from the refreshing iced tea from Mary Grace Cafe.

 Since there were notes for Mary Grace from customers on the table, we decided to make one for her too.

B admitted that she is in fact a cartoon character.  A cute, pretty one.
B looked really full and satisfied but we had soooo much time before meeting the scalpers that after an hour, we feast on this sinful pecanbon and coffee.  No wonder why we're soooo healthy looking. 

Makes you drool? Too sweet!

                                     Black Coffee with MAC's Pink Nouveau

Of course, this adventure is not complete without the very very comfortable Sperry Topsiders!!!

And then we headed off to search for our beloved scalper.  We wanted to buy the silver tickets originally priced at Php 1,545 each for 1,000.  But ended up buying the VIP tickets worth Php 4,400.  The scalper wanted us to get it for Php2,500 each.  We only wanted to pay Php 1,500 maxx as planned.  So we negotiated by telling him that the band has already started, so he agreed anyway!  Yey!  Good buy eh?

Who cares if it says complimentary. 

When we entered, the band Franco was already playing their 3rd song.  We were sooo happy that Dashboard Confessional hasn'qt started with their set yet.  Perfect timing, right?

Our VIP tickets said that we're supposed to be seated at ROW J.  But of course, we wanted to make the most of our Php1,500.  So we sat on ROW C! haha.  Luckily, we were never evicted!!!!!

B and I were acting like concert POSERs since they played most songs from their newer albums.  I personally know few songs only from the newer albums so it felt weird being surrounded by real fans screaming the lyrics on top of their lungs.   B and I decided to do the "WATERMELON" lipsynch method. haha. Precisely the reason, why we only wanted to pay Php1,500.00

All in all, i recognized 6 of their songs plus 2 of their covers from U2 and Weezer.  Not bad. 

Not only was this concert worthit because we only paid 1,500. But Chris could really sing well. High notes all through out.  Loved the steady, easy to listen to melody, and passionate singing!  Maybe this is the reason why friends from the US highly recommend them as a must-watch band.  I sincerely enjoyed every minute of it.  In fact i found the concert too short.

Isn't he cute?  hmmm.  For someone who looks this cute, this dude could also carry a crowd.  and he has stage presence too.

I thought that "Stolen" would be the encore but "Hands Down" was. Though i wished that they sang more of their older songs, we got a BONUS before the show ended.

B was soooo lucky to have snatched this Dashboard Confessional drum stick used in the concert! We used our "size" to our advantage after the drummer threw this on air.

The drum stick up close

We capped off the night with a sumptuous bowl of cheesy pene and ribs from Banapple Cafe in Katipunan. Thumbs Up for both.

Of course B never took the drum stick off her hands!

This is the two of us. 
To more concert adventures!  Cheers!
We got lucky tonight!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jean & Rosz in Candy Mag June 2010

It's less than a week till June!  Grab a copy of Candy Magazine's June 2010 back to school issue and check out trends that will make your first day in campus leave a mark.  Check out Jean & Rosz accessories too!  

this is actually just Php 280.00. Check out Jean & Rosz Wildlife Collection.

Get this Crystal headband for just Php380.00, Jean & Rosz

This pair of onyx like dangling is just Php300, Jean & Rosz

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

accessories from LUISAVIAROMA

ooooohhhh luxury. And luxury shopping of finest pieces is like being in heaven.  I love love love pieces from LUISAVIAROMA and so we, Jean & Rosz, are presenting our picks.  
Dominique Aurentis
stone embellished multi chain bracelets
298.33 Euros

Gold and Silver Bones Bracelet
163.33 Euros

Philippe Audibert
Rhinestone Bracelet
230.00 Euros

Aren't they lovely.  Check out more from LUISAVIAROMA.

In the mean time, check out these Jean & Rosz pieces that might tickle your fancy!

Different Chains bracelet Php 280.00 

Silver Continuous bracelet Php250.00

4 piece bamboo bangle set Php400.00

Metallic Bangle with Rhinestone Php 650.00
(Topshop has this for $45 USD, check out this FEATURE)

Get them now!  


One Day Beach Escape

I got a call from my friend B, inviting me and 3 other friends for just 1 day in a beach in Laiya, Batangas.  Since we all have been to La Luz, we opted to go to Palm Beach Resort.  However, the road going up Palm Beach was too dangerous for us to bear (sedan won't make it there) so we decided to take our beach escape to this paradise!  

Why do i call it paradise?  Well, besides that it is just 3 hrs away from Manila, we went there on a tuesday so the entire beach was left practically for us to enjoy.  For Php850 day trip rate and a cottage costing Php1,300, we got welcome drinks, set meal, a cottage with mattress and these lounge chairs perfect for us to enjoy the El Nino summer breeze, wide stretch of sandbar and calm waters.  Not to mention free wifi!

Though slightly expensive for a day trip, since other resorts offer buffet lunch and snacks, we didn't complain.  Of course we were also fully beach accessorized.

musts:  chips and drinks, ihome for our ipod, ipod, laptop, guitar, camera (digicam, slr, waterproof case, old school cam), swim wear, sun block, cigarettes, towels and even aqua socks!

clear skies!

this trip is definitely one for the books. We got back to Manila at around 9pm despite having to swim for an hour and taking a 1-hour nap by the lounge chairs.  

Visit Virgin Beach Resort and escape the way you want.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get that Sex and the City Look!

We've been waiting for more than 1 year.  Sex and the City 2, the movie will be out on June 2.  But before we finally see Carrie and friends, you might want to check out Stylebible's fashion gallery dedicated to the SATC girls. See the options on how to dress up like these fab modern New Yorkers. 

Here's a sneak peak.  Of course with Jean & Rosz accessories!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Brand New Bags! Super Sale!

So Jean and I have decided to partner with fiercedistrict online shop and for 2 weeks, fiercedistrict is selling these bags for super super affordable rates just for the Jean & Rosz girls.  You might want to check them out!  Buy now, before the sale ends!

Brand New, Guaranteed Authentic
Kate Spade York Street Noel Jordan bag
Mistletoe green perforated LEATHER.
Navy fabric interior with metallic silver polka dots; 1 zippered and 2 open pockets
14k plated pale gold metal hardware;
Kate Spade logo patch on front side
Handles extend approximately 8 inches from top of bag14 x 4.5 x 12 inches (LxWxH)
Comes with dustbag, tags, cards, paperbag
SRP: 395 USD
Our Price: 8,500 Php

Kate Spade Green Jordan Php 8,500

This is a brand new, 100% guaranteed authentic, Kate Spade Blakely from the Rainy Day Collection. This adorable tote is a vibrant, hot pink PVC, accented with signature, 14K light gold-plated hardware, and kate spade's graphic logo design. It comes with the Kate Spade dust bag, and all original manufacturer's cards. It retails for $345.00.It is fully lined in a shimmering gold, has a zipper closure, double slide pockets, and an interior zip pocket. It measures 14.5" long (at center) by 13.5" tall x 5" wide. The shoulder straps have a drop length of 7.5".
Comes with tags, cards, dustbag and paperbag
SRP: 345 USD
Our price: 5,500 Php

Kate Spade Hot Pink Blakely Php 5,500

100% genunine, authentic
Yoko Signature Noel Tote Red by Kate Spade (#WKRU0485)
- Red and Gold canvas - zipper pouch within- 14 x 12 x 4.5
Dimensions: 14 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 5 inches thick. Open top, with one inside zippered pocket Double Canvas Handle/Shoulder Strap with a 7 inch drop
-comes with dustbag, paperbag and tags
SRP: USD 155.00
Our Price: Php 5,000
Kate Spade Red Noel Php5000

Gucci Hobo Canvass Bag
100% brand new and authentic
-black canvass with non-traditional gucci logo
-green and black stripes classic gucci strap
-gucci non-trad logo
-comes with dustbag, tag, paperbag, gucci ribbon
SRP: USD 750.00
Our price: Php 14,000.

Gucci Hobo Php14,000

100% brand New and Authentic
A trendy yet durable multi-textured tote from Tory Burch.
Navy Blue Canvass with tonal patent leather and canvas.
Tonal topstitching.
Shoulder straps.
Signature double "T" medallion.
Cotton lining.
Inside, two zip compartments and open pockets.
12"H x 20"W x 6"D.
* 7" strap drop.
-comes with Tory Burch paperbag ang tag
SRP: USD 225.00
Our Price: Php 8,500

Tory Burch Navy Blue Canvass Php 8,500