Friday, April 30, 2010

Tokyo cafe and accessories

I'm not talking about Tokyo Cafe from Japan, but Tokyo Cafe from the newly opened Venice Piazza near McKinley Hill.  I was hoping for this to be like Sango, but no, they do not have Yakiniku Burger.  

As my friend  P chose the accessories for her sister and aunts, we enjoyed this pizza and pasta plus coffee and spent only 600.00 for everything! We were so full we didn't have anymore of their green and red been ice cream.  Something to deviate from frozen yogurt.

Ebiko Shrimp Pasta in tomato cream sauce Php258.00

White Cheese Pizza Php195.00
Brewed Decaf Php84.00

Owned by a Japanese, this local cafe serves pizza, pasta, sandwiches and meat dishes with japanese ingredients such as ebiko and other interesting japanese seasonings.  They have a long list of coffee drinks too.  Orders start at Php 170.00-Php250.00  which can also be good for sharing by 2 people. You won't feel snatched after enjoying the cute interior and food for the quality and service they provide. 

Great alternative from traditional coffee shops.  I'm definitely coming back to try out their cherry blossom latte and other japanese desserts.

Venice Piazza from the parking area

Tokyo Cafe
Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Butuan's Pinakaholic Fashion Shoppe

Most girls love the PINK color!  Somehow this color gives a dash of femininity and a pinch of cuteness to almost everything.  I am personally addicted to the color pink!  because anything PINK=Girly.  

This may be the reason why BUTUAN City's Prime Retail Store is called the PINKAHOLIC FASHION SHOPPE

PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe has been in the business since 2005.  It has fastly become the source for the most current fashions for the stylish and fashionable ladies of Butuan. Giving PINKaholic clients new collections month after month.

Who says you still have to go to the metropolis to get the latest trends?  PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe brings not only Manila-based independent designers and brands,  but also HIGH fashion clothing from all over the world, such as high end designer bags, shoes and dresses.  You don't to travel to Paris to get your Balenciaga Bag and Chanel!

As a new addition to their carried brands, Jean & Rosz accessories is now available in Pinkaholic Fashion Shoppe!  

Grab the latest trend now, visit Pinkaholic Fashion Shoppe.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My topsider picks

Sperry topsiders was a big hit back in the 80's-90's! I've had one in grade school and i used it for soooo long. But did you know that Sperry has been developing BOAT shoes for over 75 years?  

See this vintage 80's brown classic:

 See the new version now for ladies:

Doesn't have much difference right?

I know i know it reveals my age but when i saw this cute patent one in Hong Kong a last year, I instantly bought it. 

I wear it almost everyday!  The comfort is just amazing!  Sperry topsiders are BOAT shoes therefore these shoes are water resistant.  So it is just perfect not only for yachting, but for long walks especially in travels.  I am so amazed with this pair, I am thinking of getting another one!  

I can't take my eyes off this gold, metallic finish:

This croc finish one is a great find too

I would love to have the yellow and orange patent ones, but i already have the sky blue patent.  How can you resist this raspberry and choco brown combination:

This classic navy blue with metallic lace brings character with it too:

If you notice, i chose the thin soled ones, there are also the ones with thicker soles but these boat collection ones are definitely my kind of style.

I disagree that only Dads wear topsiders by the way. And i don't care if i look so outdated.  It is my goal this year to live in the 80's anyway.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ichido Cafe

Continuing with my Shanghai series, i want to share a cafe that i fell in love with. For those of you who don't know aside from fashion my other love is food! So while walking around super brand mall, Ichido cafe caught my attention because of it's lovely interiors. It is bright, modern and inviting with their silver, white and red color palette. I immediately want to try it even if i'm still full from lunch. 
you could watch how they decorate their cakes

display case and counter area

We were ushered inside where they have booth seating areas that i absolutely loved. It looked so inviting and it even has a view outside perfect for relaxing after hours of walking around. sorry no full picture of the booths because picture taking was prohibited so i was tryng to be discreet. 

our booth

other seating area
i'm not sure if they are authentic custom-made ghost chairs but i love them!

What we ordered:
chocolate and strawberry mousse w/ napoleons

cafe latte
soft and creamy. yummy!
shot taken from our booth

I liked everything we tried except for the mousse which is just so-so for me. Nonetheless, i loved the whole Ichido cafe experience. 


Monday, April 26, 2010

Bangle Significance

Lately, it it very rare for Hollywood celebrities to be spotted with bare wrists.  Yes, bangles are back! Generally large pieces, if not, you stack them up to make them look large.  Better yet not so matchy-matchy.

Bangles were originated in Asian countries, ideally no opening or closure, just a continuous piece believed to promote longevity and continuous prosperous life.  China and India have included bangles in their staple looks.

So in wearing bangles you're not just fab but you also get to have some luck on your hands.

Get this Oriental-Western inspired Bamboo like metal bangles:
Jean & Rosz:  Melon and Honey Dew 4 piece set Php 400.00

 Jean & Rosz:  Baby Blue and White 4 pice set Php 400.00

Jean & Rosz:  Hot Pink 3 piece Set Php 200.00

Jean & Rosz:   Electric Blue 3 piece set Php 200.00

Great to pair these with either jeans, colorful tops and summer dresses.

If you wanna go glam, get these multiple pearl sets:
Jean & Rosz:  all for these pearls, gold and white set Php550.00

Jean & Rosz:  all for these, black pearls and gold set Php550.00

See celebs in bangles:

Sarah Jessica Parker  and Amanda Seyfreid



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get Hillary's Look gossip girl style

Hillary Duff on Gossip Girl Episode

Php 250


Php 400

All from Jean & Rosz Accessories

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boho @ 8th Avenue

Last Friday, a friend and I went to the BoHo Bazaar in the Fort just to see what's there:

As we arrived we were welcomed with a band, artworks, poetry and fire/zip dancers.

 On the spot painting for Artbeats

If you notice, the on-the-spot painting is inspired by the books of Neil Gaiman
Coraline :)
The finish product- Endless

Here are some of our cute accessory finds:

amps and guitar necklace
various clay charms.
The cookie is actually a secret locket, which i thought was so cool for Php280.00 only
mushroom, slippers and doughnuts as cellphone charms.

Get these clay accessories from KLoi's n KLay's +639159683964

see these ring/bracelets.  some of these are from Peru costing Php600-Php800 pesos from

really cool World Vision baller bands, send kids to school now!

45 Record Bags, Handsewn, Php 500

Here's how the bazaar set-up looked like:

Abd there's food too. the b-b-q is not too expensive at Php30 each.  Beat the heat with froyo and french macarons.

Tonight April 24, 2010 is their last night. Fort Area, near the tent.  Will close at 2am.

Something different, nice!