Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nicole's Stacked Bangles

Check out Nicole Richie's Stacked Bangles

Get this look for only Php350
coming out on April 5, 2010 from Jean & Rosz

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No more falling straps for SEXY BACK!

Hot hot hot!  This extremely hot summer weather makes us wanna wear tank tops and speaking of SEXY BACK, you might want to get this Bra Strap accessory that is so convenient to use.  
No more falling straps!  See for yourself 

How you do it:

So get this great find now!  

see the actual product:

We've been personally using one and we just thought of sharing with you!

For more information on how to purchase your INTI-MATE bra converter, visit these sites:
You may also want to visit the following stores:

Shopsui at the Fashion Village

Mall of Asia
Paru Paru Accessories Boutique, just across National Bookstore
Backstage at Serendra
2C-18 2/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 

-Jean & Rosz

EyeMax, a CONCERT accessory

I love watching concerts and last Saturday, I was very fortunate enough to watch Justin Timberlake, one of my must-watch artists.  And since JT was just a guest for Timabaland's Shock Value II tour, i only bought the Silver ticket together with some friends since 1.  I don't really know much of the lyrics from his songs.  2.  He is just a guest of Timbaland to which i also can't sing the songs.  3.  I thought maybe he would not perform his best as compared to a full JT concert, which i still plan to watch in the future. Hahaha.

When you say silver ticket, ideally this should be the second best spot in terms of concert view, but in this case, the silver ticket is actually the fourth viewing priority since there's VIP and Gold.  Not to mention the VVIP which is the most frontal section in terms of priority, and VVIP tickets are not overtly sold publicly.  So if you like pay Php 4,650K to be VIP, the highest ticket highly published, thinking that you're gonna be in the best spot, in the most comfortable section, too bad for you cause, you can only get closest to the performer if you have connections who could bring you VVIP or Moshpit. In this case my silver ticket worth Php 1,500K is second from the last priority spots.

 wahaha, you can't figure out where they are from the silver section.

Good thing we found this concert accessory gadget!  The Eyemax, disposable binoculars.  I know that binoculars are very common in concerts but I was just so happy that we were able to find this inside the concert grounds given our distance from the stage.

Zooms 4x the regular vision.  

Binoculars cost thousands, but EyeMax is only Php 50.00!!!!!!!

Handy.  it looks like a card, a little bigger than a credit card when collapsed.

Is expandable when in use.

Though disposable can be re-used for future concerts or travels.

Disposable Binoculars have been available for quite sometime now, but i am recommending this as must-have concert accessory by virtues of PRICE AND CONVENIENCE!

It totally helped my vision to see JT with his moves.  Totally worth my Php50.00

By the way, in going to concerts, i always thought the most important consideration for the outfit is comfort.  But i never realized that concert venues have become social hubs where fashion has become a concern.  A lot of people i've seen have made an effort for JT.  So more than just comfort, outfits for these events should be COMFORT-CHIC. "Concert Comfort Chic Outfits" allow you not only to enjoy the show comfortably but these get-ups would also be safe for a quick after concert dinner and drinks.

Here are some very simple examples of COMFORT-CHIC fashion for concerts.

 comfy shorts and tank top with neon sandals
bejeweled top and sanuks
see how the "fan" complemented the colors!

simple black top accessorized. Jean & Rosz double starbust

mid-length dress accessorized with funky belt.

white tee accessorized with multistand necklace combined with camera charm necklace, Jean & Rosz

comfy shoes!
black ballet flats
white soft leather loafers
soft blue patent brogues.- that's me!

My thoughts on JT and why I watched him?  To me, he has established himself as an ICON.  He's a really talented guy who's very down to earth.  More than being a member of N'Sync and his POP music, i loved him more after watching this:

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Florals of the 2000 Millenium

Once a year, floral dresses come out in season.  See how floral dresses evolved:

2006:  Big Prints in flashy Colors,  Paris Hilton

2007:  Tiny Flowers from, Who What Wear 

2009:  Loud Prints on Dark Base, Betsey Johnson

Short Dresses in Floral Prints- check out the prints-  ELLE

Floral Jackets on Runway- ELLE

Long Dresses, Floral- ELLE

Floral Tops,  ELLE

 This Rebecca Taylor Dress is also a great find, especially its mauve colors.

 Lea Michele in her One-Shoulder floral dress

Didn't know these floral prints have gone techie with its new digital technology printing!  See this FLORAL DIGITAL PRINT DRESS

 Check out Jessica Biel's Thakoon digital floral printed dress

Even Betty is wearing one!

My personal style is in this Darella Blaze Printed Silk for GBP 75.00

Why digital printing?
Digital Printing technology allows fair distribution of colors to the fabric, as a result produces equally vibrant printed colors.  Prints are lighter on fabric too with this type of technology.

see this watercolor like floral print from H&M's Garden Collection

I am loving the soft-touch but big prints on this water-color-like collection.

As an outfit addition, match these Jean & Rosz pastel rings with your floral printed pieces this summer!

Jean & Rosz:  Php  480.00 each

Just some add-on:  check out Amanda's floral gems

Blair & Betty Spring 2010

Last Night I was talking to Jean and was complaining about not having new tv shows to watch which highly involved fashion like Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle.  Somehow we're just left with Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty. Privileged which had potential, ended too soon. Even the new 90210 and Melrose Place don't satisfy my visual fashion cravings.  We've speculated that maybe it's because of the recession and how the American fashion industry is affected thus, not being able to develop and hype up as much pieces as before.  Or maybe the fashion world was just too busy with the recently concluded fashion week.  Oh well, personally i don't really know the reason behind but i am so looking forward to more lifestyle fashion tv.

As for Gossip Girl, with Blair's character deteriorating from being the queen to the attention-needy freshman, her costume changes for this season have also declined in number.  From 5 looks to like 2?  

Nevertheless, here's something from GG which caught my attention from this week's episode

Spotted:  Blair's embellished necklace.  

and  lily's leather and round sun choker and cocktail ring.

Ugly Betty's Betty on the other hand has been improving in terms of fashion which actually sent Wilhemina fainting from this past week's episode.  I've recently observed the well-thought of, per episode fashion theme.  This week's color palate is electric blue.  

 Betty's long-sleeved electric blue office dress

Wilhelmina's blue kaftan tunic in her hospital bed

Wilhemina's red and electric blue dress,  see the gigantic ring!

Hilda's blue cocktail engagement dress

Amanda's Blue Pumps

Statement Necklaces and Electric Blue!  We are on the right track.  Right now, i am off to watch Sex and The City Season 4.  I miss Carrie Bradshaw's closet :)


If you like Blair's necklace, you may want to check out Jean & Rosz versions.

What's your summer destination?

Summer is our favorite time of the year!  The longest vacation where the hot night-outs meet the sun and sand.  Whether you are beach bound or not, summer must have accessories should always be handy.  Here are some of my last minute fab finds that would complete your destination must-have loots.  So what's your summer destination?

Sun and Sand must haves
 -Sun block, tote bag, plastic sunnies, flip flops, straw hat, funky accessory piece
1.  The lightest dry-touch Neutrogena Sunblock!  Gone are the days that you become so greasy under the sun due to your sticky sunblock.  I used to have this bought from the States, but it has been here in the Philippines for more than a year now! Available in Watson's for less than Php 500.00

2.  Beach Nut Towel Bag:   Each comes with waterproof pockets that will fit your small beach items and keep them dry!  Each has 4 corner pockets that serve as extra storage and can be used as a towel weigh down when its windy--just put sand!  Bag Pocket can serve as a pillow.  Comes with a keyring, where you can hang your room keys and keep it from getting lost!   only Php700.00

3.  This straw hat comes from the most raved about brand from the recently concluded Fashion Week in New York.  Rag & Bone hat. This should keep freckles away. 

4.  Perfect your total sun and sand look with this Jean & Rosz leather bracelet for only Php100.00

Summer City Shopping must-haves
-something floral, colorful jewelry, aviators, printed comfy shoes

5.  Carry something colorful and something floral during the summer days.  Get this floral ring from Jean & Rosz for only Php150.00 and this lovely leaf coral pastel bangle for only Php 700.00

6.  Wearing aviator type sunglasses during daytime is highly recommended as this type provides maximum coverage for your eyes which extends to the cheeks. These colorful ones are from Jean & Rosz for only Php 280.00

7. Lately, i've been into brogues.  But this printed one is such a cutie, i can't take my eyes off it.  Get it from Ichigo Shoes for only Php 820.00

Hot Summer Night Out must haves
-metallic accessories, colored dress

8.  Color your night-out with these bandage dresses from H by G.Licaros for as low as Php 1950.

9.  This 5-layer gold metallic necklace is only priced at Php 300.00 from Jean & Rosz.

Not So Summer Outside the Country must haves
-light jacket,  oversized sunnies, plain scarf

10.  Weather may be spring chilly if you plan to get out of the country.  This Rag & Bone scarf is just right for the weather that's not too cold nor hot.  The colors being not too flashy may also serve as an accessory investment for the future.  This belongs to Rag & Bone's 2010 Collection.


11. The plain sunnies will be a safe choice for travel as it can be worn for just about any outfit.  Jean & Rosz for only Php280.00


12.  The Polaroid Pogo is a digital camera and printer in one!   Most of us born from the 80's loved the old polaroid.  Click and print away with this gadget!!!!!!!  We've been waiting for it and now we can have it at USD$199.00

We love our own but, but these other products are certainly fabulous finds!  Summer vacation officially starts now!  HAGS!