Thursday, December 23, 2010

Other Shops in Malugay's "The Collective"

Bazaar season is over for us.  Jean and I finally had the time to do Christmas shopping and we visited "The Collective" in Malugay Street Makati to check out some shops for some gifts.  here's what we found

Jean contemplating on stealing the bike!

Rosz and Jean thinking of 2011 strategies

 we like the lipstick shade!

We entered HMRM (Homeroom) Store to see whether we can find shirts for J and K

the concept of the store is a mix of places inside a school campus where students spend a lot of time.

gym locker / dugout
HMRM sells limited edition jerseys, jackets and jock memorabilia.

they have their own set of T-shirt collection, in soft fabric and digital printing sold at Php1,200 each. 

80's multimedia room
boy next door shoes

check out this dressed up desk right in front of the blackboard

the school library
men's accessories

Had a short chat with the owner/manager and we complemented him on the way he designed his store.  Come to think of it, for such space, he was able to really execute the concept clearly.  The check-out counter is the school laboratory.

HMRM is a very interesting store.   Cute, Right?  And soon they are coming out with a female line too.  I am hoping to see cheerleader stuff, not that I would buy them for myself.  I just wanna see.  For more information on the store visit

Other shops we visited:

 A Peak at Sundae.

If I were a boy....and in college... I would love Hysteric Wacko.

Crazy Eddie's looked interesting as well but it was locked at the time we visited.  

We just snatched photos from the outside.

looks like a locker too, but more for college students.

We were fascinated analyzing the store concepts of each of the tenants, we missed out on their merchandise.  That was bad.  But hey, there's always a next time.

Some say that The Collective Malugay, is the other side's Cubao Expo.   Uum, in a way yes, because it has the same feel but the shops are different, tenants are different. So it is definitely not Cubao X.

Why "The Collective"?

This area of Makati, used to be a warehouse of car stuff,  is now transformed as an artists' avenue for creativity.  It BRINGS TOGETHER budding artists, new entrepreneurs, designers to set-up their business with rented spaces that are much lower than the malls with the collective help of everyone who has the same passion for art.

Other Things to do in The Collective?

-Appreciate art in OUTERSPACE ART GALLERY. 
-Start a hobby by setting up your own bike at NEW OLD BIKES.
-Get organic skin products at RITUAL ( at a very affordable price)
-Eat affordable meals at WABI-SABI and WINGMAN.
-Enjoy wine, dessert and coffee at GOODSPIRITS'.
-Listen to Pinoy Indie bands with a cold beer at B-SIDE bar.  Great to visit on weeknights. Steady Vibe.
-Listen to Makati cars in the Atrium, an alternative to watching the stars. HAHA. 
-Visit more edgy designer shops.

I hope we had more time in the place to write about all these interesting places.  We are definitely coming back.


1.  Shops open later than the usual mall hours, sometimes in the afternoon, the shops are still closed.  or no aircon. Best to visit at night.

2.  Dressing up for BSIDE is a NOT a must.  I love how it is a place where you can just be steady, chill-out and enjoy music. Nothing high profile.
3.  If you are into artsy stuff and on a budget, this is the place for you. Php 1,000 or USD $23 could be more than enough for a decent meal, dessert and a few bottles of beer.

4.  There is no designated parking area inside The Collective, but there is a side ramp outside where you can park for free (A minimal tip will do for the Parking Guides).

5.  Do not go during heavy rains, as this area could be flooded.

Nevertheless, it was worth our time.  I love ART, so i love places like these. 

How to get to The Collective:

turn right at Chino Roces
turn left at Yakal Street
turn left at Mayapis
turn left at Malugay Street.
(Landmarks: near Makati  LTO and Makati Fire Station)


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