Monday, December 6, 2010

My mix with Friends

This may sound weird to some, but it has been my habit to do photo mixes of items from friends when we meet up.  I love taking photos of people especially to capture our get together escapades but i find it fascinating to capture the moment by having all of our things together.  I combine pieces of items belonging to every friend who's there that particular moment. Each one has to contribute.  It's like a memory guide for me.  Here are some:

 Quick dessert one afternoon with my friend Joy.   What I own:  Jean & Rosz Square Sunnies and my froyo.  Joy owns the other sunnies and the lumix camera case.

 Taken during a friend's birthday celebration. 8 items with, 8 friends.  I personally love the Olympus camera.  What do i own there?  the lipstick of course.

A nightcap at Cafe Breton.  4 girls and a boy.  The boy owned the only masculine item in this set.  The vintage camera.

 A day at the beach.  All set for the sun.  I've had the Roxy visor since 10 years ago.  I think it needs to retire soon.

Happy Monday!

What's your mix?


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