Sunday, December 26, 2010

MAC Lipsticks not Available in Manila Stores

Hi everyone!  Merry Merry Christmas!  Jean and I spent Christmas Day in 2 places.  Manila and Seoul.  Yes, we are currently in one of the skin care capitals, Korea.  As you know me, my first stop was to look for new lipsticks and  with my frustration of not always getting the best shades from MAC Manila Stores, Jean & I immediately visited the LOTTE Department Store to have a quick visit to MAC Korea.  I immediately noticed the Marcel Wanders for Mac Collection (obviously, not available in the Philippines again)  Marcel Wanders is a Dutch Interior Designer who has initially been popular with designing the world famous knot chair.
He has collaborated with various furniture companies such as B&B Italia, tile maker Bisazza and had several exhibits in Museum of Modern Art New York, V&A Museum in London and many more. (WHY DO I KNOW THIS? I am currently building my house, and i am drooling over some Bisazza tiles which I cannot afford haha)
Anyways, back to his MAC Collection, Marcel Wanders made cute packaging for MAC products such as lipsticks, gloss, powedr, mascara, bruch cases etc.  See full collection here.

But I decided to get this GESINA Cream Limited Edition Lipstick.  I like how it is sooo red on me, but with pink undertones.  Kind of Watermelonish in color.

I love it.  The bottle has no signs that it is a MAC, but it is.  Kindly reminds me of Anna Sui lipstick bottles though.  Nevertheless I bought it for the color.  (If you like Chanel Rouge Coco Cambon, you'd love this because it has the same effect in bolder color.) Check out my favorite lipsticks here.

I couldn't help but buy another one.  I got the Love Forever Pro Longwear Lipcream.  It is also not available in all Manila Stores except Duty Free Philippines.  I've been wanting to get this shade,  but i didn't wanna risk it being out of stock specially since there is never enough stocks of good lipstick shades in MAC Manila.  I love how it is brighter than Pink Noveau and Pink Friday.  All of my pink favorites from MAC.  Its long lasting shade is the Cotton Candy Pink that i personally love.

While I am still contemplating on whether to get more lipsticks, Jean got herself the Amplified Impassioned Creme Lipstick.  Also not available in Manila.

 This shade will male a cool spring color, somewhat on the honeysuckle neon side, Impassioned is slightly pink with coral undertone.

MAC Love Forever, MAC Gesina, MAC Impassioned

agghhh I am not planning to spend my husband's Christmas gift money to me on lipsticks alone.  I only have a set of lips after all.  But how can you resist these colors?  More lipstick update soon.  
Savor the holidays.  

Ciao from Korea.



  1. Impassioned is what Nikki and I ordered from Hongkong, we likey!
    I love the last bit about you just having 1 set of lips hahaha.. oh, what the hey, with ScarJo lips like yours you NEEEEEED all the lipsticks you can have from your husband's xmas gift money ;)

  2. I needed to stop myself from buying all the new shades! now i am goin crazy about all these bb creams hahaha!

  3. I wish we can also have those stocks here in the Philippines.