Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Gastronomic Journey at Misibis Bay

Early this month i went to Bicol with some friends and one of our must-visit is Misibis bay in Cagraray island, Albay.
I already expected the luxurious and well decorated villas, unlimited activities at the resort and the superb service but what came as a nice bonus was the food. You all know that i love good food and Misibis bay did not disappoint but exceeded my expectations. Let me walk you through my typical meals at the resort. 

I usually wake up around 9 am and would have their buffet breakfast.

My Plates:
My staples were the rolls, cheeses, eggs and sausage.
my favorite was the whole wheat roll! 
yummy smoked salmon too!
I tried the filipino breakfast items the next day and i have to say that the angus beef tapa was worth waking up early for!
sunny side up, bangus, tapa and garlic rice

At around 11 am this keeps me company while lounging either at the pool area or the beach area.

Cagraray Sunrise
The perfect mid-morning drink while trying to get a tan. It was really refreshing and healthy too because of the carrots and cucumber bits.

I usually take the buffet lunch at around 1 pm.

It usually is a light lunch for me because of the heavy breakfast....
 tomato and mozzarella, cream of crab and corn soup

my cheese plate

...but i never fail to eat dessert of course!
 My favorites were:
melts-in-your-mouth creamy goodness

Black Forest Cake
the classic black forest but with a twist. Instead of the plain whipped cream icing they made it even better with chocolate whipped cream!

Peach Pie
buttery crust with sweet and creamy peach filling

After doing various activities we usually meet up for drinks at the bar by 5:30pm. This is my favorite part! Sipping cocktails, watching the sunset, talking and most especially our daily order of Cagraray pizza! 
Cagraray Pizza
Laing and bicol express in one pizza. What could get more bicolano than this? The crust was thin and chewy and everything blended well together. It was really filling because they don't scrimp on the toppings
Frozen margarita
I have to say one of the best margaritas i've had! The use of quality tequila was evident and the lime mixture was just right. Not too sour, not too bitter. Perfect balance.

Buko Lychee Martini
It was my first time to try this drink and it instantly became one of my favorite. I love the bits of coconut meat blended and the after taste of lychee. I wish i could find this in Manila!

We then have dinners outdoors to enjoy the Misibis sunset.

How i wish i'm at Misibis Bay again for some much needed relaxation. I will seriously consider it after finishing all our Jean & Rosz bazaars this christmas season. Cagraray pizza and buko lychee martini we shall meet again!


Misibis Bay 
Cagraray Island
Bicol Philippines

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