Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't be a Fashion Victim this Christmas

Christmas is exciting and indeed sometimes, we get too excited to wear Christmassy stuff to complement the season.  After all, it only happens once a year.  It's great to utilize all our holiday inspired fashion pieces but don't fall in the wrong trap of putting all the elements together. Don't be a fashion victim this Christmas.

Here are some notes on make-up and accessories that you may want to refer to before stepping out of the door for your Christmas party:

1.  Bright red lipstick is in. In fact red never goes out of fashion.  The color just sells more during the holidays.  A Christmas Party is the perfect excuse to wear a really striking color but beware of the cautions in using this powerful lippie shade.

2.  Smokey Eyes (shades of gray, blue and white shadows) are in too!  Perfect for a night out with gal pals.  Smokey eyes is best paired with nude lippie shades.

3.  All metallic accessories are in.  Gunmetal, Silver and Gold. Multistrands, chains.  The chunkier the better.

4.  Invest on a good clutch bag or small purse to go along with your dresses for the parties.

However here are some words of caution:

1.  Never wear red lipstick and smokey eyes together!  Unless, you are coming as a drag queen to your party, you do not want to be judged as a he-man.  Because this is the perfect formula to make a female look like a man.

2.  If you want to wear red lipstick, this simply means that you want the attention on your face.  in this light, please do not wear green earrings or necklaces as your friend might imagine you as a poinsettia plant.  A good classic gold stud will do.  Or a sapphire. I am not saying never, but rarely an emerald.   I am sure you do not want this kind of attention.

3.  It is ok to be embellished this Christmas especially if it really is your intention.  It is also OK to combine golds and silvers.  Gone are the days when every piece of jewelry color should be matchy matchy.  Simple rule:  Do not wear  all silver accessories with a gold dress.  Do not wear all gold accessories with a silver dress.  It is ok to mix gold and silver accessories with any of these dresses, just do not commit the sin.

4.  I know that parties are perfect with your designer bags, but please please please be cautious in choosing the bag for a party.  If you decide to wear a long ball gown or a fringed cocktail dress, or dresses with metallic colors, do not wear the canvass designer bags with logos on them.  Example, if you want to use a Gucci bag, try not to pick the canvass one with the logo.  It just doesn't match.  These canvass logo bags are meant for everyday wear not for parties.  Sure it is Gucci, but it just kills the elegance of the dress.  If you insist on prioritizing the bag, try to wear a pair of jeans instead and put on a blazer. Never mind the dress.  The look instantly becomes a semi-formal chic attire. Accessories could help too.

And hope you do not wear your Longchamp travel bag to parties.

Just be careful!  It is better to be safe than sorry.  Merry Holidays!


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