Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrities Spotted in Jean & Rosz

Thank you Pia Magalona and daughter Clara Magalona, for supporting our cause!

Side Story:

Pia was encouraging Clara to buy a pair of flat sandals from us, but her size was no longer available.  They both left the store already.  Clara went back to check out more of our stuff and decided to get some charity bracelets instead.  Thank You Pia for encouraging Clara to buy Jean & Rosz

I loved Pia's red lipstick but stopped myself from asking for the brand.  I thought I'd have some tact over my customers.  But now I couldn't stop thinking about it and totally regretted for not asking.  I knew she would be nice enough to share.

Clara had her own Nars Schiap Lipstick worn.  It looked cute on her.  This is also my favorite shade. We could be barkada.  hahaha.

The charity bracelets are still on sale!

Get your own now!  Buy online  or in the following outlets and help raise funds to support the Filipino Children.

*Color combination sets cannot be guaranteed via online sales.  Let us surprise you with what you'll get,

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- Rosz

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