Monday, December 20, 2010

Bonchon in Manila

You all know how much i loved Bonchon Chicken Wings during my last visit to Singapore  here. So i was super excited when i heard that they will open in Manila. With the opening of different international food chains like Crystal Jade, Happy Lemon, Wee Nam Kee, Lugang Cafe (Bellagio) and Bonchon, we are definitely spoiled with choices! So K and I went to Ayala Triangle last month to try Bonchon. We wanted to try the Chicken Fillet version and Kimchi coleslaw but both were out of stock already so we just got the 1 dozen Chicken wings (half Soy Garlic and half Spicy)
The Verdict? Sadly it does not compare to the Bonchon Chicken Wings in Singapore. It is still good though, the crunchy outer layer is there but the inside is bland and a little dry. 

We do hope it is because they are still on a dry run when we visited or maybe because  the place was really packed that night?
Whatever the reasons are i hope they'll improve. We will definitely try it again and be back after a few months when they are fully settled. 

After dinner we walked around Ayala Triangle and saw the nice christmas lights display.


Ayala Triangle

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