Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Walls Have Spoken

After a year of wanting to do the tour, I finally made it!  Last Saturday, amidst all the controversies, I got to join Carlos Celdran's "IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK" tour of Intramuros. 

Here are some snaps and highlights:

Carlos Celdran, the infamous Manila tour guide and a performing artist started the tour with a song.  The Philippine National Anthem, Lupang Hinirang at that, and it definitely set me to be in the Old Manila mood.  Since the tour was allotted 3 hours, I was prepared for a really long walk under the scorching heat of the sun.   The tour is recommended for 8 years old and above, however, even this little one managed to complete it happily.   Shameful me.  I am not conservative, but this tour clearly has mature content haha.

The walking part was not a challenge as there are frequent stops to listen to Carlos' unique method of narratives. If you have short attention span like me, this kind of tour would be fit for you since he induces theatrical acts and quirky gestures all through out.  He also uses interesting pictures to make history highly imaginable.  He  had various costumes for his multi-venue narrative performances.  Definitely, this tour cum show is not your ordinary tour.  It is a one man fully directed production with various numbers.

I highly encourage tourists to join.  You do not only get to know Philippine History but you get to taste it too.  Part of the tour included a Kalesa (Local horse Carriage) ride and a taste of mix-mix. haha. halo halo.  A local dessert.

 Carlos In Action

My favorite Carlos Celdran tour accessory.   Classic Kenon Speaker.  It may be small but it can definitely BLARE! 

Some trivia about Carlos Celdran:  Yes, we know him as the tour guide who got jailed a few months back but i would describe him as an artist.  A young newspaper cartoonist at 14, a student of the Rhode Island school of Design, a theater actor, a dance group creative director, and a member of a non-profit org that saves historical architecture.

This is probably our version of one of the Siem Reap Architectures. Close but not quite. but hey, it's Filipino and I'm proud of it.

I am not at my best here, but it doesn't matter.  I love that i did this with my friends.  Fun times.

It was a shame we couldn't experience his tour inside the Manila Cathedral Church and San Agustin Church as he is temporarily banned to enter, after his mischievous damaso act during a catholic service last September for his RH bill protest.  For some of you who want to find out more about it, check here

The original route of the tour was slightly altered by hanging longer in Plaza San Luis. According to my friend who has joined this particular tour for the 3rd time, the content is pretty much the same but it could've been more heartfelt if the parts where we prayed for the souls of the civilians who died in the Japanese era were done inside the church.  Yes, there's a part where we payed together, Roman Catholic Style.

Of course despite that, we did not miss any photo ops.

 I will not try to be a smarty pants by giving you trivia from what I heard from Carlos that day.  I'd rather have you experience it yourself when you finally decide to take his tour, he's better at it anyway. But my big take on the experience is not really on how the Spaniards nor the Americans and Chinese took over the country, but i guess it simply made me realize why We, Filipinos are such.  The culture, the good and bad that accumulated from our rich history, resulted to who we are and how have we become.  

Listen intently and pick up between Carlos Celdran's remarks,  they are subtle but amusingly hilarious and I found them juicy, meaty not perfectly tasteful, but witty!

I can't wait for Living La Vida Imelda.


About Carlos Celdran Tours:
Walk This Way, is a walking tour company founded by Carlos Celdran himself.  
The various tours are:
If These Walls Could Talk- a half day walking tour of Intramuros
Living La Vida Imelda-  1970's and the Cultural Center of the Philippines
Other tours:
Corregidor Overnight Tour.

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