Saturday, November 13, 2010

Techie Mode Accessory

Accessory Find of the Week!

When we say accessory trend spotting, we did not only mean we'd be looking for just fashion accessories.  This week, we are featuring sort of a gadget.  An Ipod Touch accessory which could convert the new Itouch to an Iphone!!!!!

So last week, my husband came home with a present.  The 4th Gen IPod Touch!  He was giving it to me as a gift for Christmas, despite the fact that the unit came as an office incentive.  haha. wise husband.  Anyways, i've been wanting an Iphone but couldn't afford it, so i tried my luck by surfing the net for some gadget that could make my Itouch an Iphone, and sooo... i found this.

The Peel 520

The Peel 520 is like an Itouch case that will allow owners to make phone calls and send text messages from itouch using their sim card.

For it to work, the Itouch should be initially installed with the proper software.  There is a need to jailbreak the Itouch to allow third party applications to be accessed. 

I know there is risk to this but, now you do not have to buy an overpriced Iphone or be forced to get an increased monthly plan in order to enjoy its features.

This is definitely perfect for Itouch 4th Gen users!

Here are the steps to jailbreak your Itouch

Check out some reviews:  HERE

Fortunately, a local company, The Gadget Hunter is already making this available to the Philippine market.   If you buy The Peel 520 from them, they can help with your concerns in the process of the set-up.  It costs Php 6,000 per unit.  They are also selling jailbroken Itouch units together with The Peel 520 for your convenience.

Reserve your Peel 520 now!



  1. wow!!! im going to buy one! thanks for the info rosz :)