Saturday, November 20, 2010

Talk about Luck: Gin Blossoms Concert Adventure

Last June, I posted some news about Gin Blossoms Band coming to the Philippines, and so last Thursday, the day finally came!

My friends B, P and myself decided that we will no longer spend sooo much for Gin Blossoms since we've hit our concert quota for the year.  We did not buy a ticket and decided to just go to Araneta, wait for the show to start, look for resellers and buy cheap tickets.  (Just like our luck during our Dashboard Confessional Adventure and how we got free tickets to Kelly Clarkson).

B, P and myself while waiting.  Instagram photo from Iphone

We were all wearing 100% Jean & Rosz

Unlike people who have connections in the industry and get front-row tickets for free, the thrill of finding a cheaper ticket than published rates is quite a  BIG DEAL for us.  Yes, we are suckers for performers and we pay thousands and thousands to watch them and most of the time, we fall in line for hours just to get the best seats!

 The search for the tickets began.  of course my Docksides did not fail me again.

So...  we started asking people around for low-priced tickets within our budget.  We definitely could not afford VIP Seats for 5,800!  You won't believe this but just as we were about to buy Upper Box Tickets worth 2,500 for 1,500 from a reseller/scalper, a kind lady came and gave us 2 free tickets for Lower Box worth 3,700 each.  Randomly.  She said she didn't have time to watch, and she's not planning on selling them even if the scalper was bugging her to sell the tickets to him. She was willing to give it for free, TO US!   We were in utter shock and disbelief.  We got 2 tickets worth over 7,000 for free, from a kind-hearted stranger, in an instant !!!!!!!! This in not luck.  This is a miracle.

In between P and myself is the kind-hearted lawyer who gave us 2 free tickets worth Php3,700 each! 
May God Bless You and Your Goodness

So we decided to buy another Lower Box ticket at 3,700 directly from the ticket center so all three of us can watch.  ( We paid the 3rd ticket in full price)

2 free tickets and 1 full-priced ticket.

We went through the main entrance while we were still stunned,  all 3 of us still could not believe what just transpired, we couldn't find our box seats and accidentally entered where the crew and the stage greeted us.  We were actually in the VIP section already!!!!!  We were so nervous to be sent out by the guards and bouncers but still enjoyed our close view of the opening act.

Farenheit 43 Band.  Australia based band with Pinoy members.  Know more about them HERE

As the lights went out, Gin Blossoms came out with the song Till' I Hear It From You.  This made the entire coliseum crazy, most people just went right in front of the stage.  It gave us the opportunity to move closer too.  

They sang most of their classics from the 90's.  
Follow You Down. Allison Road. As Long As It Matters. Hey Jealousy and other songs from their new album, No Chocolate Cake.

I love how this dude made a heart out of his hands. haha

By the end of the night, we were so close already we could see his pores. haha  

 Posing for the cam

 Thank You GB, we had fun! 

At the end of the day, enjoying a great concert is a plus, even better if the performance is outstanding.  But the ADVENTURE behind made it one helluva memory that we can look back to as friends.  How fun!

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Today is a very special day!!!!!!

It is Jean's Birthday!  Happy Happy Birthday!  I love you, you are more like a sister to me.  Thanks for being the bestest friend in the whole wide world anyone can ever have.  I mean it.  I seriously cannot live without you.

To more chaos! Enjoy your bazaar free day!  Mwah!


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