Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Plethora of Little Nothings

I am out for a "me-time" break since i have a short time off from the hulla-ballu of Christmas bazaars that Jean & Rosz is in to. My plan is to take a short walk around High Street Bonifacio, listen to comfort music, and read some passages from my special book.

Today, i have prepared a mix of cheap nothings in my closet and have decided to have these plethora of little nothings with me.  Can you believe, i have 12 must-bring thingies today?

1.  My camera in its pseudo camera case-  Case bought in Market Market for Php100. how cute, right?

2.  My ultimate favorite, overused Sebago pale gold Docksides- Bought from Sebago Store in Rockwell for Php3,000++, but it's so worthit!

3.  Vintage Ferragamo sling bag- I wouldn't know how much this costs now as this may be more than 15 years old already.

4.  Chanel Excessive Rouge Allure Red Lipstick- my everyday must, as this is my perfect red shade.  It is easy to apply. Long lasting despite its rouge finish.

5.  Casio Men's Gold Water Resistant Watch-  I got this on sale for only Php1,100 last year.  Original Price is at 2,000 i think.  For the price, it was a definite steal, it also has a calendar. 

6.  Statement Colosseo Ring for only Php550 from...... Jean & Rosz

7.  Very Rachel Zoeish Panther Ring, also from Jean & Rosz for only Php900.  Considering that it is made of brass, it wouldn't tarnish anytime soon.

8.  Jean & Rosz square sunnies for only Php280.00. Very Tom Fordish. haha

9.  Jean & Rosz animal printed headband for only Php100.00

10.  My 2gb ipod, which i often use for running. ohh i miss running.  I still couldn't run due to recent events.  but that's a different story.

11.  My precious Bible, in cute pink leather cover, given as a gift by my lovely friend Bliss.  I've decided to do my quiet time, in the not so quiet Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch along High Street.

12.  Last but not the least, i brought with me Sara Bareilles.  I have always been a fan but her Little Voices Album made me want to listen to her over and over, again and again.  At least with the ipod, i can bring her in my pocket, very handy for emo-mode mood.

Here's my LSS, with a tear rolling down my left cheek.  I don't know why!

Thank God for this lovely day.  Life is good. Life is beautiful.

Funny how i don't need a beach to be in beach mode now.  I am tricking my mind! It is all in the mind.

So what is your mix?


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