Friday, November 19, 2010

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

It  shocked a lot of people when Prince William announced that he gave Kate the blue sapphire ring from Princess Diana's Engagement.  Some people think that it was a symbol of bad luck due to the lonely marital affairs of his parents. Not to mention the tragedy that happened to Princess D.  However, to Prince William, he gave this in loving memory of his beloved mum.

The 18 karat sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds ring was first presented last Feb 24, 1981 at the announcement of Prince Charles' and Princess Diana's Engagement at the Buckingham Palace Gardens.  It was said that Diana herself chose this ring.

News source says that Prince Harry ( William's younger brother ) had the original possession of the ring after their mother's death when they were asked to choose a piece from any of their mother's belongings.  However, it was agreed that time, that whoever among the brothers get engaged first, will have the ring.  So did Prince William.

The couple is said to get married this coming Summer of 2011, not to overpower the 2012 Olympics in London.

A classical engagement rock, is a crystal clear diamond, but lately, it has been a trend among the known figures to get colored rocks.  just like these celebs:

Carrie Underwood's over 12 karat yellow ice diamond ring by Johnathan Arndt

Kate Middleton's 18 karat Sapphire Ring

Jessica Simpson's Ruby red Ring

Carmen Electra's black diamond Ring

How would you like yours?  The Diamond Classic?  Or the colored one? 

As for me, I might just wear my sapphire ring again, but it wasn't my engagement ring.  And it is most definitely not 18 karats.  ummm,  I just want something blue on my fingers.


Pictures borrowed from e-online.

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