Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Accessory Idea

I got quite a few mails and suggestions from My Fantasy Furniture Inspriration post.  Thanks to you guys I now have a handful of options.  I am nearly going ballistic looking for inspirations that would go with our home.  Modern, Modern, modern.  what about it?  I am still not quite sure yet, and I could still use some of your help.

I noticed that lately, the importance of mirrors have been stressed by various interior designers either to make the room look more spacious, a substitute for an expensive painting and surprisingly....making these into fine furniture.  Talk about Hollywood Modern Glam.

Diane Watts, a furniture designer focusing on mirrors has been making these pieces available to North America since 1996.   From classical, to contemporary, to whimisical.  I know that having these pieces in our home will make me feel like Jessica Alba or SJP.  Ok I'm just imagining.  But it is so hollywoodly, these pieces will never fail to make a statement.

These pieces have been ripped-off by other furniture designers:

I love, love the play of mirror and cabinets to make glamorous pieces that are eye-catching, and this i think is kind of my character too.  haha.  Or maybe i just think so.  Now, here's my home inspiration: 

 I would love to have this as my vanity corner.

Or maybe combine the piece with either a vintage cushioned chair or a Philip Starck piece.

I wonder how this ensemble would cost me?  But like I told you from my previous Fantasy Furniture post, I am willing to take the challenge in making my do-it-myself home.  I should start looking for cabinet carpenters.  haaay.

Happy Sunday!


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