Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Lemon in Manila

Everytime i'm in Hong Kong or China i always make it a point to get some Happy Lemon milk tea. Especially during winter time, hot pearl milk tea is my best friend! 

That's why i'm glad when i saw the sign of happy lemon at Greenhills Promenade a few months ago. I've been waiting for it to open and heard that it will on November. Just last week i got my milk tea fix but instead of the usual pearl milk tea i've decided to try Iced Matcha w/ Adzuki Bean and Pudding.

The Best!

I have to say it was one of the best Matcha drink i've tasted and now my favorite at Happy Lemon :) I had it with 50% sugar but it was still a little sweet so i'll go for 25% next time. 

K ordered the Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. Sounds weird right? But you have to try it! It was sooo good too. At first sip you'll taste the cream cheese-like foam with hint of salt then the green tea will kick in which is unexpected but a welcoming surprise. Great flavor combination.
Warning: Do not stir or use straw to fully experience the layers of flavor

The next day while waiting for our movie we got some drinks again and this time i had the hot roasted pearl milk tea and K had the Italian Blood Orange w/ Black Coffee. I know i know K usually orders the weird ones :)

Italian Blood Orange w/ Black Coffee and Hot Roasted Pearl Milk Tea

K loved his order but it was an acquired taste. It tasted a little like grapefruit to me and somehow the bitterness of the coffee complemented the Blood Orange. My order was just ok but a little bland for me. There are a lot of flavors that i still want to try like the Lemon Yakult Mousse Spin and Cocoa w/ Rock Salt and Cheese so you'll definitely see me there in the next couple of weeks!

Cute plastic with your drink number and my Jean & Rosz panther ring (Php950)

Happy Lemon
Promenade Area (beside Starbucks)



  1. the cocoa with rock salt and cheese is super yummy! :) ordered this one the first time we went to happy lemon, and this drink made me want to go back to happy lemon again and again :)

  2. yes! we've been waiting for happy lemon for so long!

  3. what an exciting experience!/hilarious! Delightful! True!
    Furniture Manufacturer

  4. Happy Lemon will be in Eastwood too! Excited much! It's the year of the milk teas! :D