Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Guys I listened to, five years ago

So I got my new Ipod Touch and have been quite busy spending few minutes of my days creating my playlists.  I checked my old Ipod and found these songs from 5 years ago, and I still can't take them out of my playlist. Steady mood. I am officially declaring them my classics.

1.  Silent Sigh- Badly Drawn Boy

Perfect for my steady listening days.  This song helped me get eased from tiring days at work.

2.  Follow through- Gavin deGraw

I loved this because of One Tree Hill, back when it was still one hot show. haha.  Does Lucas Scott ring a bell to you?

3.  High and Dry- Jamie Cullum

One of the pieces I can play on the guitar.  I was still confused then whether I wanted to ba a rockstar or a salesman. Rockstar failed.  For obvious reasons.  I really don't have it. haha

4.  Maybe Tomorrow- Stereophonics

My ultimate long drive song.  I always comforted myself.  Maybe tomorrow.... i'll find my way home.

5.  Fake Tales of San Francisco- Arctic Monkeys

I loved, loved, loved and still love Arctic Monkeys immediately after my friend Joey, who's not only celebrating his birthday today, but who coincidentally now lives in San Francisco, introduced me to them.

6.  Take Me Away- Lifehouse

I've had good memories of this song. Every time i felt sad, i listened to this. Pardon the images from the video, i have nothing to do with it.  I just want you to hear the song.

7.  Pete Yorn- Strange Condition

Pete Yorn was a favorite as his music could easily shift my mood from melancholy to happy,  happy to melancholy.  I love this guy.

8.  Switchfoot- Learning to Breathe

I feel so bad to have missed their concert last year in the Philippines.

9.  Is This It- The Strokes

I love the bass line of this song.  Too bad, I can't play bass.

10.  Athlete- Tourist

Another song introduced to me by my friend Joey.

As I'm writing this down, I miss my friend Joey.  Most of these music I stole from his playlist back then.  The playlist also included:

Boston, from Augustana (not only did he introduced me to Augustana but our memories in Boston is one for the books)

Look After You, by the Fray


Chocolate, by Snow Patrol.

Has it been five years already?  Call my playlist, steady melancholy.  Yes, i have this spot in my heart too, you know.

Who did you listen to five years ago? 


About Joey:

Joey is a very dear friend from work.  We are total opposites.
He corrects my grammar all the time and it does not bother me. 
He sometimes despises my noise, but I know he enjoys my quirks and antics.
 We are so different, but somehow we share the same music.   
He used to be a Super Brand Manager, and i used to sell his products.
He left us for Harvard, now makes more money, but  still manages to save one day of his year to see us.  We appreciate it.

Dear Joey,
I miss you and our music.  My dream for us is to watch U2 together. 
My Ipod is never the same without you!
Happy Happy Birthday! Mwah!

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