Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guest Blogger: Jojo Go. Swans in Cagraray

Last week, Jean and myself went to Legazpi for a short holiday together with some friends.  Jojo was one of them and so we asked her to guest blog for us.  This is her version of the Misibis Bay Experience, with photos taken by herself too.

looking up

dining delight under the stars

"Like swans in a lake” the Resort Manager says as he looks over the open green area where dinner is being set up. “It may look calm on the surface, but underneath it all, a lot of people and effort is being put it to make this place work.” Its dusk at Misibis Bay and the stars are starting to peak out, and like its name, it whispers a secret so alluring that everyone must want to hear it. One works for the intrigue that is the road to this luxury resort – From the stark contrast of Bicol’s rustic provincial landscape, through the lush Mayon countryside, unto a development made with serene spaces and attention to details.

an elegant reception, made of mosaic capis and kind staff

considerate foot wash before entering villas

welcome drinks and snacks: refreshing pandan water w/ zesty cracker snacks

There is so much to do in Misibis Bay. Sunrise atv rides, segway through the shoreline, all the water toys imaginable, obstacle courses,  scuba diving, the list can go on until next week. What makes all these activities enjoyable is the privacy from well-planned logistics that simply makes you feel like you and your loved ones are the only ones being taken cared of and all is yours to have. Serene spaces means never having to apologize for doing nothing, or waking up late from the best sleep you’ve had in years. It's to laugh as hard as you want, or let your gut out in a bikini without anyone seeing. With an expansive development made for leisure, there are serene spaces for everyone.  Definitely, this place is true to its vision.  Luxury Island Playground.

signature drink: cagraray sunrise

sous chef checks what's a hit with the diners

segway by the vicinity

Then there are the little things that make you smile. The sous-chef peaking which dish from the buffet the diners seem to like, fine and natural decoratives placed in well-thought clusters , wash bins from Germany.  Guests are attended to with consideration in generous portions, there is always more topped off with a treat. There is a plan of activities for the day, but you can always add a twist of your own. There is a handmade vase on the table that when the sun passes through would look perfect in your home. All the cocktails from the bar are delicious, but there is one that the F&B Manager will serve you he made himself that really taste like sunshine – and he’s never had a drink in his life! There is love in this kind of attention to detail.

chapel overlooking the bay


planning the day

 Jean can get used to this lux life!

making use of local fine handicrafts

coconut and stone

 pizza by Rex Cortes

spice market details


one of many cabanas to get lost in

Why come to Misibis Bay? To watch the swans swim.


About our guest blogger:

Jojo Go, is a world traveler and has been around the various continents.  She takes pride in experiencing authentic culture in these travels by incorporating adventures in them such as camping, climbing, hiking and literally living in the selected areas she's been to.  Born in England, studied in the States and lived mostly here in the Philippines, she is definitely living the life and enjoying it to the fullest.  She is also the current Marketing Director for their family business.

Sipping sunshine in a cup
 This is Jojo, enjoying her Frozen Margarita by Misibis Bay.
Photo taken by Bliss Mabini.

Learn more about this beautiful resort.


Misibis Bay Resort
Cagraray Island, Albay, Bicol Philippines

Keep posted for our own stories from this lovely experience.


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