Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gloria, Gloria!

Couch potato no more.  Christmas is a busy busy busy but fun season for Jean & Rosz.  So I have been missing out on a lot of TV shows.  I significantly reduced my viewing time from watching the 1 hour episodes of Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and all the rest to just sticking with this 30 minute show.

Modern Family.  I know most of you are already hooked as I am.

This mockumentary (fictitious story presented in documentary style) of three inter-related families, basically showcases the family life of a typical household.  But what makes this hilarious series a success is the choice of characters and how they portray their roles.  Despite having a cast of 10 lead roles, each one is highly distinctive and naturally humorous.  Definitely, two thumbs up for natural comedy!  I am not surprised they won 6 Emmys, including the Comedy Series of the Year. 

My favorite characters include Manny Delgado, the 11 year old lost soul from the 50's whose quirks could be easily associated to one of a kind kids,  Cameron, the traditional gay artist whose antics are just to die for.

And of course, Gloria Delgado Pritchett, played by Columbian model/actress Sofia Vergara.  Despite looking like the stereotypical sexy 2nd wife, I must admit, her presence in the show has grown on me so much, I started stalking her past life. haha.

Some trivia about Sofia Vergara:

1.  Her speaking accent in the series is natural.  She doesn't fake it.
2.  She is born blonde, so often times, she is asked to color her hair brunette to make her look like the stereotypical Latina.
3.  She started modeling in Colombia after being discovered in a beach.  She did some runway stints, various commercials and later on became an actress.
4.  She plays the counterpart of Mary Alice Young's character in Armas de Casa Desesperadas. Latin America's version of Desperate Housewives.
5.  In my opinion only, Fashion wise, she is a fan of the animal prints, and is often seen with an animal printed article of clothing, regardless of season.

Check out these photos:

 animal printed shoes

 animal printed shoes

 animal printed dress

 animal printed bag

animal printed top.

Once a year, the animal inspired pieces come out every fall season.  And it varies in print year after year.  This season, Leopard it is.  As just about anything is in Leopard print.

But it makes me think, should animal prints be just for the Fall trend, or has it become a staple to fashion regardless of season, just like how Sofia pulls it off.  What do you think ladies?

Some of you might find it too liberating to wear such striking pieces, and to those who'd still want to be in the trend but are afraid to overdo it, start with wearing the print in small, subtle ways.  Like wearing a pair of shoes, or a headband that could be a sneak preview of the trend.

Get this Jean & Rosz animal printed headband for just Php100.00 as seen on my plethora of little nothings post.

or might as well be literal about it.

Jean & Rosz brass panther ring for Php 950

Have a lovely Thursday!



  1. she is so damn funny right? i can't wait for the next episode!

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  3. Wow lydia thanks for the kind words. You inspire us to write better posts! Thank you so much!