Monday, November 15, 2010

Fantasy Furniture and Home Accessories

Happy Monday!

Lately, my dates with my husband have mostly been spent in home depots, or other villages, stalking homes of other families.  We are currently in the 5th month of constructing our future home.  Yes,  we are already in financial debt for for the next 30 years and since we are in a tight budget, we decided not to get a contractor.  Haha. After the architect turned over the plan to us, we started by literally digging our lot to deciding on the brand of cement we will use.  Of course, we hired various laborers and a good foreman.   The division of responsibility between the both us was very simple.  My husband would take charge of the construction of the structure and i will be assigned to finishing its interiors.  Take note, neither of us has any experience in this field!

In the beginning, I thought ohh yeah, i will just copy from magazines, since i always knew what I wanted. a Modern Home.  I never realized that MODERN is so broad.  Modern Glam, Modern Minimalist, Modern Contemporary.  What the heck.    I was kind of surprised that I am now too emotionally invested, and...... mentally tortured as to how i want our home to be.

Now that the roof will be installed, my husband has been bugging me to finally decide on the design theme of the house. Bummer.  Now i need an inspiration. And so, i have been looking around for furniture pieces that would take me to that inspiration....   i am doomed.  With the price of the work of these three designers, i am definite that I can't afford any of their pieces!

Just for inspiration, maybe my imagination could work harder.

Philippe Starck

Starck, from Paris is probably the best known product designer in Modern Style Category.  He used to be an interior designer.  But he is now commissioned by various companies to design packaging and products for them. Few of his popular works include the Optical Mouse from Microsoft, Inexpensive small appliances for Target, and of course the Juicy Salif from Alessi.  However, ever since the launch of the infamous Starck ghost chairs in 2002, i never stopped drooling over them.  I have imagined myself in these sleek stylish chairs.  Wilhelmina, from Ugly Betty used them in her office.  Strong Personality!

 The most popular ghost chair, Louis, executed by Kartell, an Italian polycarbonate manufacturer.
learn more here

The styles of the ghost chair has evolved to other features and colors.  What makes it special is that it's 100% polycarbonate without any detached pieces. No screws, each chair was made in one single mold.  10,000 points upgrade from your ordinary monoblock.

Do i see myself as Wilhelmina at home?  hmmm.

Tricia Guild

Tricia Guild is a British Designer, creative director of none other than the Designers Guild in London. Designers Guild has been known for PATTERNED and COLORFUL luxury furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, home accessories and furniture.

One of her most recent furniture design, the Julep is an evocation of a vintage chair that has grown into a small collection of pieces with slim, curved float-buttoned backs.  Of course, you can choose the leather or fabric design in over a hundred options, once you decide to purchase her piece.  This is what makes Guild furniture a hit!  The concept behind having the base structure and your design of choice together.

I am sooo loving Tricia Guild's sofas and patterned trimmings.  I can imagine myself lounging in any of these pieces.  I can imagine Bree Vandekamp from desperate housewives in Tricia Guild inspired homes.

Do i see myself as Bree at home? hmmm.

Kenneth Cobonpue

Cobonpue is a Cebu-based Filipino furniture designer known for using natural fibres and materials. His designs mainly focus on nature's forms using rattan, buri, bamboo, and abaca.  Featured in Time Magazine and has been given credit as Rattan's virtuoso, his furniture pieces have now been known worldwide, especially when Brad Pitt himself, purchased a bed from one of his collections.  He also has won countless awards in Asia, Europe and US, for his uniquely chic one of a kind pieces.

Few of Cobonpue's popular pieces include the baby cove bed and the cove resort sofa sets.

Cobonpue's furniture pieces remind me of Balinese resorts.   I can imagine Angelina Jolie lying in their Cobonpue bed after a tiring day of charity commitments.  Relaxing in Brad's arms. haaay.....

Do I see myself as Angelina Jolie at home?  hmmm....

I know i have countless options, but i am constrained with "the budget".  Who knew designing a home wouldn't be as easy as i thought so.  All i know is that i want an efficient home, where my husband, myself and our future kids would comfortably live in.  After all, it's not about the price.  Just as long as it is visually acceptable and it's filled with love, then i'm gonna be alright.

Or maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better? 

Oh well, i am accepting this challenge. Effective today, i am claiming myself as a BROAD MODERN interior designer.  haha.  Wish me luck.

Wilhelmina?  Bree?  or Angelina?

What's your pick for me?



  1. I love the Tricia Guild stuff =) They seem very comfy and chic. If you are planning to have kids in the future, you have to think of 2 things:

    - Making sure the babies/ toddlers are safe around the furniture (sharp edges, breakables)

    - And making sure the furniture is safe around the kids! They will vandalize, "redecorate", bump them with their cars and throw up on them.

    Just a consideration =)

  2. Thanks ocmominmanila! Good thing you brought up the safety of the future kids! Ya, i love tricia guild's soft feel. It will make our home really cozy. The problem is if i can afford it! haha.

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