Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Designers meet Masstige Collaborations - H&M

"Masstige"- is the current buzzword in the fashion industry as some top designers have been busily collaborating with top retail brands to make the affordable pieces amidst the deteriorating economy.  Though "designer meets masstige collaboration" isn't new to our ears, lately we've been sooo excited that most high fashion designers, now get into street fashion.  I mean for this year, we've heard a lot already, starting off with Lanvin and H&M and Valentino and Gap.  Let us walk you through some of which left a mark in our memory for H&M guest designers.  To make this more interesting, we will also include the celebrities who also contributed in their portfolio.

H&M originally from Sweden definitely wins from having the most unbelievably respected designers.  Let me walk you through its designer collaboration timeline.  ummm as far as i can remember.

2004- Karl Lagerfeld

2005- Stella McCartney

2006- Viktor & Rolf

2007- Madonna

2007- Roberto Cavalli

2007- Kylie Minogue

2008- Comme des Garcons

2009- Matthew Williamson

2009- Jimmy Choo

2009- Sonia Rykiel 

2010- Lanvin

It is really hard to choose favorites among these brilliant guys but I must admit  Victor & Rolf and Comme des Garcon had a pretty good execution of making some avant-garde touches wearable.  But i totally fell in love with Matthew Williamson's and I have a hunch that i will get the same feeling by the looks of Lanvin's.   I adore Karl Lagerfeld with great respect.  Who doesn't?  But I guess it is about time he comes out with another collaboration.  I felt like he still had so much to give judging from his first H&M Collaboration.  Nevertheless, kudos to his move in braving "masstige".  Maybe if not for him, I wouldn't have Jimmy Choos on my feet.

Tune in to more Collaboration Timelines. Who would you want to hear about next?   Happy Happy Tuesday!


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