Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Accessory Designer of 2010: Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar of New York is the 2010 CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Accessory Designer of the Year alongside Marc Jacobs and Proenza Shouler. 

With his recent pieces worn by no less than Michelle Obama herself, Bittar has become the favorite in the accessory industry.

 Michelle Obama in Bittar pins.

Born to an antique collector, Bittar  grew up selling antique jewelry and vintage clothing on the streets.  This may have been the inspiration behind the first launch of his collection in 1988.  Alexis Bittar has been known for his design expireiments with LUCITE, SEMI-PRECIOUS Stones and Metals.  He has worked with various companies for his ability to design creative pieces such as Barneys New York and Takashimaya, Burberry, Michael Kors and even took part in designing the lucite and steel furniture of The Cooper Hewitt Museum. He was also asked by The Victoria and Albert Museum in London to create a design for an exhibition celebrating the re-opening of their jewelry wing.

Ever since his flagship store opened in2004, the man has been unstoppable.  Looking at these pieces, you'd know why:

Lucite Pieces:

I am loving the chunky neckpiece with thick messed up gold side multistrands.

Here are some other pieces from his ELEMENTS collection:

Here are some of my favorites:

Talk about fantasy accessories.  

Bittar is love.

Unfortunately, nobody sells Alexis Bittar accessories in the Philippines.  You can ask relatives in the US to buy for you though in these outlets:

All images and information in this post were borrowed from www.alexbittar.com  and wikipedia.

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