Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Designers meet Masstige Collaborations - H&M

"Masstige"- is the current buzzword in the fashion industry as some top designers have been busily collaborating with top retail brands to make the affordable pieces amidst the deteriorating economy.  Though "designer meets masstige collaboration" isn't new to our ears, lately we've been sooo excited that most high fashion designers, now get into street fashion.  I mean for this year, we've heard a lot already, starting off with Lanvin and H&M and Valentino and Gap.  Let us walk you through some of which left a mark in our memory for H&M guest designers.  To make this more interesting, we will also include the celebrities who also contributed in their portfolio.

H&M originally from Sweden definitely wins from having the most unbelievably respected designers.  Let me walk you through its designer collaboration timeline.  ummm as far as i can remember.

2004- Karl Lagerfeld

2005- Stella McCartney

2006- Viktor & Rolf

2007- Madonna

2007- Roberto Cavalli

2007- Kylie Minogue

2008- Comme des Garcons

2009- Matthew Williamson

2009- Jimmy Choo

2009- Sonia Rykiel 

2010- Lanvin

It is really hard to choose favorites among these brilliant guys but I must admit  Victor & Rolf and Comme des Garcon had a pretty good execution of making some avant-garde touches wearable.  But i totally fell in love with Matthew Williamson's and I have a hunch that i will get the same feeling by the looks of Lanvin's.   I adore Karl Lagerfeld with great respect.  Who doesn't?  But I guess it is about time he comes out with another collaboration.  I felt like he still had so much to give judging from his first H&M Collaboration.  Nevertheless, kudos to his move in braving "masstige".  Maybe if not for him, I wouldn't have Jimmy Choos on my feet.

Tune in to more Collaboration Timelines. Who would you want to hear about next?   Happy Happy Tuesday!


Monday, November 29, 2010

The Criss Cross Preview

I was talking to my conservative cousin yesterday when I told her that Jean & Rosz finally came out with a shoe collection for the holidays.  We talked about trendy shoes for a while and she told me that she does not have the knack for mixing up her clothes but she sure does care about looking sexy just by having the right pair of shoes.

And i totally agree with her.  Of course accessorizing is a must for me but shoes comes second, in my opinion.  You can just imagine how you can transform a plain and simple outfit by putting on the right pair.  Talk about sexy feet?  Criss-cross strappy shoes.  You can never go wrong in making your feet extra special with this.  See these celebs:

Rihanna out with a boy in a restaurant.

Donna Karan loosening it up with SJP in her home.

Jessica Alba at a red carpet.

Carrie Underwood transformed from the typical American idol chick to Grammy-worthy singer.

Check her out rockin' this Rock and Republic Criss Cross Heels pair.

Sexy Criss Cross footwear definitely makes the total look look more interesting.  Flats or heeled?  It does not matter.  But Jean & Rosz is going with heels.

Check out our take on giving you the sexy Criss-Cross heels in 2 fantabulous colors:

Jean & Rosz Criss Cross Heels in black and camel, for only Php1,290.00.  Get your feet in them and feel sexy about it!

Happy Monday!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Accessory Idea

I got quite a few mails and suggestions from My Fantasy Furniture Inspriration post.  Thanks to you guys I now have a handful of options.  I am nearly going ballistic looking for inspirations that would go with our home.  Modern, Modern, modern.  what about it?  I am still not quite sure yet, and I could still use some of your help.

I noticed that lately, the importance of mirrors have been stressed by various interior designers either to make the room look more spacious, a substitute for an expensive painting and surprisingly....making these into fine furniture.  Talk about Hollywood Modern Glam.

Diane Watts, a furniture designer focusing on mirrors has been making these pieces available to North America since 1996.   From classical, to contemporary, to whimisical.  I know that having these pieces in our home will make me feel like Jessica Alba or SJP.  Ok I'm just imagining.  But it is so hollywoodly, these pieces will never fail to make a statement.

These pieces have been ripped-off by other furniture designers:

I love, love the play of mirror and cabinets to make glamorous pieces that are eye-catching, and this i think is kind of my character too.  haha.  Or maybe i just think so.  Now, here's my home inspiration: 

 I would love to have this as my vanity corner.

Or maybe combine the piece with either a vintage cushioned chair or a Philip Starck piece.

I wonder how this ensemble would cost me?  But like I told you from my previous Fantasy Furniture post, I am willing to take the challenge in making my do-it-myself home.  I should start looking for cabinet carpenters.  haaay.

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guest Blogger: Sha Palanca, Currently Loving...Stacked bracelets

We've invited Sha Palanca of currently loving from tumblr.com  to write something for us and here's what she wrote.  Perfect for Jean & Rosz.  Her take on Stacked Bracelets:

I’ve never seen anyone pull off this trend better than Kate Lanphear, the style director of US Elle Magazine.

Grr. I want to raid her closet! I’ve been a fan of the stacked bracelets trend for a long time now. Problem is, I don’t have a lot of bracelets to pile on.

I found the perfect place to build up my collection - Jean and Rosz, a local online store here in Manila, has amazing stuff sold at affordable prices.

Here are some Jean & Rosz picks to achieve the look, besides of course the ones chosen by Sha :

Jean & Rosz 1.5 inch leather with studs Php250
Jean & Rosz braided leather with studs Php250

 Jean & Rosz Kylie Double Wrap with Gold Studs Php350 each
Jean & Rosz Double Double Wrap with Studs Php 200

Jean & Rosz Double Wrap with 2 kinds of studs Php200

About the Guest Blogger:

 Sha, wearing Jean & Rosz black resin bangle Php850, and multistrand necklace Php350

Patricia Palanca, or Sha, is a new blogger moderating currentlyloving.tumblr.com.  She talks about day to day fashion and even includes her sartorial takes on the latest trend.  We would describe her style as fashion comfy chic. Asked about fashion and accessories in general, here's what she has to say:

Fashion: For me, it's just all about how you feel about it. If it looks right, then go for it. If it feels odd, then go change 'cause something probably isn't right.

Accessories: It used to be that accessories are just extras. Nowadays, I think accessories are just as important as the clothes you're wearing. The same outfit can look dated or current depending on the styling.

Tune in for more guest bloggers.  And get all our featured leather bracelets here.  We will also be in the annual St. James Bazaar at Ayala Alabang  till Monday, November 29, 2010!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Reasons Why You Should Visit The St. James Bazaar

St. James the Great Bazaar, is the biggest Bazaar in the South.  Why do we recommend for you to visit?

1.  The entrance is FREE!  No need to pay Php30- Php100 unlike in other bazaars.

2.  More than 470 booths to choose from.  Concessionaires are the veterans from almost all the popular bazaars such as Rockwell, Karl Edwards, Greenhills and Tiendesitas - in one location!

3.  It is open to non Alabang Home Owners.  For your convenience there is a shuttle from the parking area to the bazaar area.

4.  Great layout.  The bazaar is divided into sections such as the FOOD AREA, PARKING AREA and GYM AREA.  Organized Shopping Experience.  You may also view the layout before entering the vicinity, to skim through your chosen concessionaires.

5.  Screening of concessionaires is done 6 months prior to scheduled bazaar dates.  Which means, all items in the bazaar were carefully chosen under a stringent screening process.

6.  Longer Shopping Time.  The bazaar starts at 9am, earlier opening time than most malls.  It ends at 9pm.

7.  It only happens ONCE a year only!  4 days of South Shopping = 1 year's worth of wait.

8.  Last but not the least, JEAN & ROSZ, accessory trend spotters will be there!  We will have new pieces just for this bazaar.  Why wouldn't we?  It took us half a year to prepare!

We look forward to seeing you there.  Believe us when we tell you.... It's worth your time!

Visit Jean & Rosz  at ROW 6, PARKING AREA.  This location is the one that's closer to the St. James Church.

St. James the Great Bazaar
Cuenca Road, Ayala Alabang Village

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend's Family

I know most of you are done with your Christmas Shopping but I wanna share with you cute items I've found in bazaars. These could potentially be the gifts to your boyfriend's family.

Boyfriend's Mom = Something useful and innovative

It is so hard to find a gift for "tita" as you may normally call her.  This particular "tita" of yours could be your future mother in law.  You do not want to give something overly extravagant or something cheap.  The key to mom's heart is to find something useful and innovative that she could use in the future.  Note:  Do not give clothes, not unless she has tried them on.  You do not want something to be said about your taste, do you?

This Cheese board with cutting tools looks really presentable for "tita".  Only Php799.
You can buy this in Karl Edwards Bazaar or look for W&R Trading, +63.2.5318051

Boyfriend's Dad =something cool.

The key to the heart of "tito" is the word "cool".  Usually, the safest gifts include liquor, wine and shirts.  However, this year, why not try looking for something different.  "Cool" in this context may be something that he does not know he needs yet, until he has it. 

Check out this Myer Luggage scale only Php 500.00.  Perfect for his travels, he could just simply attach this gadget to the bag and lift a little to find out the bag weight.  Also from W&R Trading, Karl Edwards +63.2.5318051.

Or maybe try the more high tech one.  Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale.  Comes with weight conversion mechanism, and flashlight for emergency during travel.  Balanzza is available in Rustan's Department Store in the Philippines for about Php 1,500-2,000.  Check out more info from www.balanza.com.  My husband got this as a present from our friend who's the current distributor in the Philippines.  It now comes in the classic and mini form.  It has been my husband's favorite travel accessory!

Boyfriend's Siblings = Something quirky

For your future bro and sis, give them something quirky so you can leave a fun impression to them or something that represents your common interest like music, fashion etc.

Here are some of our finds:

 This dictionary looking book, is actually a safe box!  Comes with own key.
Php 1,200 from Tava Novelties.  You may contact Kelly Uy +63.917.8307766
I found this cutesy in The Grove Rockwell Bazaar

If you have the same interest in music, you might want to give your future bro and sis this:

The Clutter Zap Earbones is the perfect solution for tangled earphones.  There was already something like this in the past but the innovative addition to this piece is the round holes where the buds of the earphones can be placed for safer storage.  I found this in Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar for only Php 180 each! Check www.clutterzap.multiply.com for more information on this product.

Now that we've found unique gifts for your boyfriend's family, there's no more reason for giving them shirts, planners and the usuals.  With these unique finds, there's no reason for them not to make you the favorite son's girlfriend. hahaha.  Hope this helps. Good luck and Happy Shopping!

More bazaar finds to come.  Visit Jean & Rosz at the Cuenca, St. James Bazaar this coming Friday to Monday!  Baraars are fun!  See you!