Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whip It, and Roller Derby

As I'm writing this blog, I am currently watching the 2009 movie Whip It.  Starring Ellen Page, Directed by Drew Barrymore, and I am loving it! It is about this misfit teenager, finding her "thing" amidst adolescence in the the not so suburb Austin Texas. Made me feel like its 1990's back again.

Ok, I was born in the 80's and have experienced the rollerskates craze.  When my family temporarily moved to Legazpi, Philippines, I 've spent most of my time in the Albay Plaza Skating Rink, showing off my moves and off course, the trendiest Decathlon advance rollerblades.  It was something like this but with purple enclosures.

In the 1990's, people were just barely starting to use rollerblades (in line skates.  Having this as a gift was a plus.  And I felt popular wearing them all the time.  I could perfectly do a smooth 360-deg turn and manage a small jump over baby ramps. Hahaha. As a setback, i never mastered wearing rollerskates. The four wheeled thingies with booties.

You could just easily rent this for Php35 per hour.  But what are the differences?  Rollerskates have four tire-like wheels which are best for stability and balance while the Rollersblades (or inline skates)  have continuous lined-up wheels geared for speed.  They also have different stoppers, buth both are essentially used in the same manner.  In-line skates were just made to have alternative to ice-skates which may not be available to all, at any given time.

Since both rollerskates and rollerblades have been approved by the American Heart Association as a good form or exercise, I am currently in search of the perfect pair.  But this time, i want to have the traditional rollerskates.  I would like to have something like this:

But I don't think my ankle would last for long in this pair.  Looks cute but with hazzards!

Maybe something like this:  A pair with character!!!!

Or maybe, this could be my profession! I could join the Roller Derby and purchase this instead!

But before i get all excited into joining this derby, who offers one here in the Philippines anyway?

Maybe you girls should join me?  What do you think? Are there any skating rinks available in Manila?  I don't wanna ice-skate.  i wanna roller-skate, maybe in a teenie-tiny skirt. or really short shorts. Hahaha. i'm getting excited.

Happy Thursday!


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