Friday, October 29, 2010

Share the Blessings!

Jean and myself have always talked about making a lot of money not only to fill our closets with our dream pieces, but to help others.  I clearly remembered a few years back, i have decided to sell a lot of my personal belongings to start a project called TSINELAS.ORG.PH.  The thrust of the project was to provide, at the minimum, a pair of slippers, to the kids of a barrio in Sorsogon, Bicol, just so they have footwear to get to school, more than 5 miles away from home.  I got this idea when i was assigned to Bicol as a sales manager.  Though i've talked a lot about this to friends, i never seem to have enough funds to formally file this as a registered foundation (it requires millions to do so).  And so, instead of focusing on making money to register the organization, we started with small projects to share a little of our blessings.  Like doing an annual Christmas packing for street kids and mostly, helping people get through the very tragic Ondoy typhoon.

We consider having Jean & Rosz as a blessing.  Not only have we been fortunate to have a small business, a blog to express our passion with a virtual community, a venue to help build the confidence of other women, but best of all, we were given this option to do what we truly truly love.  And with this comes an unexplainable feeling.  A reward from heaven.

And so, this year, we would like to start a new milestone, and we'd like you to be a part of it.


These 4-piece set comes in different colors. These will be sold in all Jean & Rosz authorized outlets, online and all Christmas bazaars where we will be in.

For information on where to buy, click HERE.  For bazaar schedules, click HERE.

For online orders however, we cannot guarantee the color combination sets. Be playful and let us surprise you with what you'll get!

You may also want to give this as a gift to friends!  
We will update you with our upcoming projects.  Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

Spread the love and share the blessings!

Happy friday!


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