Friday, October 15, 2010

MUJI in the Philippines

Everytime i go to Hong Kong, i never fail to visit MUJI.  And now that MUJI is finally here in the Philippines, I definitely can't miss the opening day.

Muji, is a Japanese company which retails a wide range of household goods.  With its thrust of "no brand, but quality products"  ironically, this now famous, brand has captured  most asian countires and even Europe.

 In my opinion, the concept behind MUJI is to "make your own" home, with all the accessories available, everything seems to be customized. For example you wanna make your own living room, here's how it works:

You buy not only the pieces, but the parts of the pieces.  You Customize your own couch, together with its feet and upholstery material.

Among the household pieces, let me share with you what i found interesting:

This game chair!  The formed cushion underneath sells Php 2,450 and the linen case costs Php1,150.  This was my absolute favorite but was not on my budget at the time of my visit.

 Since the line was long, i asked the staff to reserve this for me.  This khaki cloth hamper just costs Php1,550.

 This neat digital bathroom scale costs Php2,450.  I would love to have this.  And it is not that bulky too.

 See this plethora of bedroom accessories in basic earth colors for your lovely home.

I never realized that MUJI is now serious into getting into Beauty and Fashion.  Here's what i saw. Basic clothing for men and some dresser pilers for the ladies.  I wasn't able to take a photo of the ladies' section but i skimmed through the shelves and saw high quality stretchy trousers and the like.

 As this was the media launch, i saw lots of celebs and publication icons in the store. Here's Pia Magalona. She was with her celebrity daughter Maxine.  I saw their basket full of basic tops like tees, collared shirts etc.

Th line was long but tolerable as compared to the Forever 21 launch.  

The category with the highest number of shoppers is in the file-orginizers/ stationery section.  This is where i bought things that are so simple yet so cute.  Pens, notebooks and really really white folders.  Some of which i want, but not exactly need. I just found them irresistible.

You won't get a heart -attack with the Philippine pricing because to me it actually seems cheaper to buy here than in other MUJI stores abroad.

The store is quite spacious than what i was expecting and there were surprisingly a lot of goods in it.  However, i has hoping for the snack section to be bigger.  Here's the snack corner

I bought a pack of nuts for lunch for Php 125,  But they didn't have my all-time favorite chocolate biscuit.  I hope they bring this in soon!

MUJI Store is located at Bonifacio High Street, On top of the Gap Store right across Serendra.



  1. Good to hear that the prices are okay..
    I was scared to have a heart attack when I see the prices! Hehehe..

  2. the prices are fair enough for MUJI abroad. See for yourself, and by the way, they will replenish items 2x a week!