Friday, October 1, 2010

Gossip Girl and some Jean and Rosz Pieces

So we've been waitin' to find out whether Chuck was alive from the Prague incident from last season.  New season, new villains, new trends.  I just watched episode 3 and here's what i found!  Some up to date GG pieces from Lily Bass ( Serena's mom), Georgina Sparks (serena's worst enemy) and Juliet (Nate's new apple of the eye).

These pieces that I'm sure tickle your fancy, are available in Jean & Rosz.  Achieve the look at low cost :)

I love Lily's fashion sense.  I am not her age yet, but when i grow older, i surely wanna look like her.

It has always been about Blair and Serena.  It's worth a try to be a b**ch sometimes.

Ber months= metallics.  Check out other multi-strand necklaces to achieve the look :)

Happy Friday!



  1. Misleading claim.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Greetings from the JEAN & ROSZ team! We are posting this comment as part of our fair practice. We don't take offense in anything that is said against us. The thrust of this blog is to provide our readers some trends that we find interesting and give them tips on how to achieve the same look. And every time we are able to give affordable options to readers, help them and make them feel good about it, we know that we are contributing. It gives us unexplainable happiness when they thank us for it.

    Pls do not be a hater. Peace, love and happiness

    much love,
    Jean & Rosz