Thursday, October 28, 2010

Golden Ears

It's the season for more gold!!!!!  Check out these Jean & Rosz earrings:

1.  trio diamond giant Php 220 (also available in silver)
2.  clover lightweight Php 200 (also available in silver and gunmetal)
3.  Gold Rose Outline Php250
4.  White and Gold Web Php220
5. Oriental Cutout Stud Php180

Our earring picks for the holidays are mostly in gold.  However,  we also wanna share our finds from Aldo accessories' latest earring collection, and see how we can help you cut down the price further while achieving the same look!


Gold Dangling with White Stone Php250  ($5.50 USD)


 Chandrika Teardrop with stones Php 300  ($ 6.60 USD)

Lightweight Dangling Chands Php150 ($ 3.33 USD)


Lightweight Dangling Fans Php 150 ($ 3.33 USD)

4 Circles Lightweight Php150  ( $ 3.33 USD)


 Aqua & Gold Teardrop Php250  ($ 5.55 USD)

See Cameron Diaz, pull off this kind of earrings as seen from stylebistro:

 Check out where to buy Jean & Rosz pieces HERE.  You may also wanna visit our online store.


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