Friday, October 15, 2010

Amy Winehouse the designer and Bryan Adams the photographer

Amy Winehouse, a new designer and Bryan Adams,  a rockstar turned photographer?  Yes.

Amy Winehouse has finally did a photoshoot for her fashion line for Fred Perry.  I just saw it now in Harper's Bazaar Online. And yes, Bryan Adams (Song:  Everything I do, I do it For you), is now a fashion photographer.

Here's a reminder of Bryan Adams, as a rockstar:

And Here's some of Amy's photos, shot by Bryan Adams himself, borrowed from Harper's Bazaar

The inspiration from Amy's clothing line is Basic- black, with the signature Amy flair.  The fashion line includes the basics such as tops, jackets and of course dresses, more LBDs and some accessories too.  Price ranging from 100 USD- 600USD

Amy Winehouse does look healthier... and happier now.  Maybe , she's no longer saying no, no, no... to rehab as we all heard from her Grammy Winning Song "Rehab".

She definitely looks healthier, and happier than this:

Check out the full story of the changes HERE. and learn more about her collection from Fred Perry.


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